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Summer’s Gone – Legislature Adjourns Early – Results

Yes, summer’s gone as the Beach Boys’ mournful ode to the waning days of hot summer days reminds us (not yet in South Texas!) and so is the summer special season at the state capitol. “Sine die” adjournment was abruptly called by the Texas House leadership a day early last Tuesday, August 15th. By prematurely adjourning the Texas House without warning before the scheduled time and arrogantly ignoring the objections from the floor, denying members the right to vote on the early adjournment, Straus ensured the demise of the Governor’s priority legislation such as property tax reform, paycheck protection, privacy…

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“The Veil Has Been Pulled Back”

Joe Straus ran for reelection to his House seat against me in 2016 as a pro-life, fiscal conservative who supposedly worked well with all sides, and was part of the Republican team working with the Governor and Lt. Governor.  He sent out mailers in his reelection effort directly connecting himself with Governor Abbott, almost suggesting an endorsement by Abbott (which was never given). But all of that has changed. It is now publicly obvious that the Speaker has no working relationship whatsoever with the Governor or Lt. Governor or Attorney General – the three leading Republican officials elected statewide —…

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Pastors’ Rallying Cry: ‘Let the House Vote!’

Over a hundred pastors and concerned Texans – fathers, mothers, daughters, people of faith representing millions of conservative Texans  with  deeply held traditional values – came together from all over Texas last Thursday, a hot and muggy mid-morning,  on the steps of the Capitol to voice their unified support for the Texas Privacy Act (SB3) passed by the State Senate last month and currently languishing in the House under the leadership of Speaker Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) and State Affairs Committee Chairman Byron Cook (R-Corsicana).  The often repeated rallying cry led by the speakers was “Let the House Vote!” with…

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IF MY PEOPLE…A Message to Christians – 6th in a series

Zack was just a little tyke. He had a rough life almost from the beginning. It started out o.k. but  Zack’s parents wanted nothing to do with him. Even worse, they wanted him out of the way and made life totally miserable for him. They wouldn’t even give him a place to live. Though Zack longed for a warm hospitable home and though he sought a place where he could feel attached and nourished, such was not to be. He died a premature death and passed into eternity. In this series we are considering wicked ways of God’s people that…

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