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City Charter Amendments Expose Major Rift Between City Leaders and Electorate

What is going on with the local city propositions on the Bexar County ballot for the midterm, non-Presidential elections on November 6, 2018? This commentary could be subtitled “Lies, Deception, Distortions, Smoke & Mirrors” to describe the frenzied drama going on in San Antonio between the power brokers who run the city and citizen-led groups to clamor for reforms to increase voter/resident representation in city governance. The featured photo represents the main antagonists in the fight for votes at the heart of the charter amendment resolutions on the November ballot. Christian Archer is a political strategist who specializes in Democrat…

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Deported 15 Times, Illegal Alien Will Get Another Trip Home After Human Smuggling Deaths

One of President Donald Trump’s “bad hombres” is going to federal prison and then back to Mexico over a deadly human smuggling scheme. Pedro Silva-Segura, a Mexican national involved in a transport operation that ended in the deaths of 10 illegal aliens in San Antonio, was sentenced to nine years behind bars. Himself an illegal alien who has been deported 15 times from the U.S., Silva-Segura took a plea deal that capped his sentence. “(He’s the) poster child for President Trump,” U.S. District Judge David Ezra said at sentencing Wednesday. “This is not a good thing.” Ezra said he would…

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City’s Mouthpiece, SA Express News and Cronies Attack Firefighters

City’s Mouthpiece, SA Express News and Cronies Attack Firefighters 10/7/2018 The Sunday (10-07-2018) edition of the liberal/leftist San Antonio Express-News has a front page article and an opinion editorial, both critical of the three proposed city charter amendments. The front page article is a personal hit piece on SA Firefighters union leader Chris Steele claiming the campaign for city charter amendments is actually a power play for him. The second is an editorial by former SA mayor and HUD secretary Henry Cisneros who says the city charter amendments will create political “chaos.” However, the facts are these. The City Hall…

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San Antonio Firefighters Launch Promotional Drive to Change City Charter

On April 11th, San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association (SAPFFA) officials and supporters stood on the steps of City Hall to announce that the association was officially filing three petitions with the City to place charter amendments in a special November election. At a May city council meeting, the city clerk verified that each charter change petition had sufficient registered voter signatures (at least 20,000 each) collected and submitted within the required time frame. The SAPFFA has christened their city charter amendment initiative the “San Antonio First” Campaign. It took the firefighters and their supporters close to two months to raise …

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Aliens Fuel Voter Fraud in Texas

For a “non-existent” problem, non-citizen voting is becoming a regular occurrence in Texas. In the past two weeks: A Salvadoran national who entered the U.S. illegally was indicted on multiple counts of voter fraud. Prosecutors say Mario Obdulio Orellanaregistered to vote as a U.S. citizen and voted in the November 2016 election. A non-citizen was indicted for marking a ballot without a voter’s consent. Marcela Gutierrezallegedly led a voter to believe she was demonstrating how to use a voting machine while actually casting votes for a slate of candidates she was paid to support. Following last year’s prosecution of Mexican national Rosa Ortega, who illegally…

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