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High Stakes Showdown in Austin

The 2017 Texas legislative special session will begin next week on July 18th at the state Capitol. Governor Greg Abbott underscored his frustration in his announcement on June 6th expressing that a “special session was entirely avoidable, and there was plenty of time for the legislature to forge compromises to avoid the time and taxpayer expense of a special session.” The 30 day summer session has a substantial agenda pinpointing twenty legislative priorities of the Governor that were left undone in the 140 day regular session which ended in May. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was more direct in his assessment…

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If My People … A Message to Christians #3

Third in a series by Pastor Gerald Ripley Are you a hypocrite? I doubt you’ve been asked that question before. I haven’t. I can’t recall asking it in the past. But there are Christians who are hypocrites. It’s a wicked way God’s people need to turn from in order to meet God’s conditions listed in 2 Chronicles 7:14 for Him to heal our land. Non-Christians can spot a Christian hypocrite in a very short time. We are being watched. The commandment, “You should not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold…

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Transgender Ideology and Large-Scale Child Abuse

Transgender politics have taken Americans by surprise, and caught some lawmakers off guard. Just a few short years ago, not many could have imagined a high-profile showdown over transgender men and women’s access to single-sex bathrooms in North Carolina. But transgender ideology is not just infecting our laws. It is intruding into the lives of the most innocent among us—children—and with the apparent growing support of the professional medical community. As explained in my 2016 peer reviewed article, “Gender Dysphoria in Children and Suppression of Debate,” professionals who dare to question the unscientific party line of supporting gender transition therapy…

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Gay Pride, Religious Liberty, and Good Judgment

What’s so bad about gay pride celebrations? We just had one in San Antonio last Saturday at  Crockett Park and North Main Street – a street where the gay festival attendees and  neighboring restaurants were festooned with a uniformly gaudy display of rainbow banners, flags, hats, capes, T-shirts, shorts, socks, umbrellas, bandanas, bikini tops, etc. Inside the chain link enclosed festival area were booths hawking, you got it,  rainbow flags, hats, capes and assorted bric-a-brac. Remember these sponsors at the festival next time you consider patronizing their services or products:  USAA, Univision, State Farm, AAA, Wells Fargo, Tesoro, Nationwide, Luby’s,…

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