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Life, Death & Courage: Some Lessons From the Heart of Texas

Last Sunday afternoon, I was looking forward to writing my usual FSM column about Veterans Day. There were lots of urgent national security questions to think about as well as more troubling bedrock issues. Like when the reigning Pharisees at Christ Church Alexandria (VA) recently removed plaques honoring two former members who were also distinguished veterans: Robert E. Lee and George Washington. Or when standing for the National Anthem at NFL games suddenly became controversial. If we disrespect those touchstones of history, when less than one percent of Americans are willing to serve in uniform, do we even deserve to…

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The Character Assassination of Roy Moore: It’s True Intent

Recently I read an unreasoning diatribe asserting that anyone who refuses to condemn Judge Roy Moore as a sexual predator is “disgusting” and “pretty gross.” Fully aware that that judgment dispenses with the presumption of innocence, its author dismissed that common sense requirement of American justice as follows: Now, I’ve had far too many people shouting, “Guilty until proven innocent!” [SIC—the the author apparently means “innocent until proven guilty”] at me over my comments on this issue, as if they’re too dumb to know that the second half of that phrase is “in a court of law.” Not to blow…

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The Clinton Vortex: Walking Down Memory Lane

A Vortex is a swirling phenomenon of destruction. It can be very hazardous to the health of anyone naive enough to trifle with this potential killer. In the black hole vortex of politics, the most notorious political eddy belongs to Bill Clinton.  From Little Rock to Washington, the Clinton vortex of character assassination and mysterious fatalities has swallowed up scores of victims. With lecherous eyes, Clinton has always made it a sport of preying on women. His seduction list includes Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Sally Purdue, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey. When finally exposed (oops) for his lechery, Clinton’s character…

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Call To Action

This column is reserved for readers requesting action on issues of interest to San Antonians. Goddess Statue Plethora: The Justice Foundation Urges the Commissioners Court to Immediately Rescind or Not Enter into an Illegal Contract by Alan Parker The Justice Foundation has discovered through the local media that Bexar County has selected and agreed to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a religious monument to a pagan goddess. The statute “Plethora”, as reported in the local media, is described in its own proposal by the Artist Rodriguez-Gerada “the sculpture is an allegorical representation of an archetypal goddess, evoking an…

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Why Does Evil Exist? The Battle Against Principalities

Why did 26 people have to die after the deadly attack on the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas last Sunday with 20 seriously wounded?  Devin Kelley turned his gun sights on church goers between the ages of five and seventy-two, nine member of the Holcombe family spanning three generations, including a pregnant mother and her child in the womb, cold-bloodedly, mercilessly slaughtered. One five year old in critical condition was shot four times. Less than two months ago a gunman opened fire on at the Burnett Chapel Church in Antioch,  Tennessee killing one and injuring seven; nine killed…

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