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When Corruption Turns Deadly

Our Coalition has communicated extensively for three years the unfavorable financial impact of decisions by our unregulated utility monopolies: VIA’s “Modern Streetcar” was sold to a naive City Council in 2011 by Pat DiGiovanni, City Manager Sheryl Sculley’s Deputy, who never answered the question, “How much more will it cost to own and operate streetcars than the buses they would replace?”  The LetThePeopleVote Coalition, with your petition signature, stopped the streetcar project.  Mayor Taylor approved the project but  during her election campaign declared VIA’s streetcar project “wasteful.” CPS’ Lead Attorney Carolyn Shellman said the CPS Smart Grid project would generate…

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Raise the Age to Legalize Use of Carcinogens and Abortion to 21

Breathing better after the passage of Tobacco21? To be consistent, the City of San Antonio needs to raise all carcinogens and abortions to age 21. The number of minority girls under age 21 and they’re under age 21 babies will be spared harm and even immediate human death. Will the City now restrict all carcinogens for people under 21? Will the City now restrict  abortion up to age 21? Tobacco21 passed at the SA City Council today. SA is the first city in the state of Texas to pass it. The Texas Legislature refrained from passing it in 2017 to avoid legislating adulthood. While it might feel…

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Death Camps

Someone recently told me that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. There may be an iota of truth to his words, however, when it comes to life and death the two parties are worlds apart. Life is God given and is an epoch of expectations and opportunity. Each one of us is intentionally designed by God to be unique and purposed. Our matchless DNA bears witness to that uniqueness. God’s plan for life is a time of expectation. It is a time to be born and, a time to die, a time to love and a time to…

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Darkest Hour: A Movie Review

If you have not been to the movies in a while, it is time to experience the new electric reclining chairs in some theaters as you watch the electrifying movie about Winston Churchill, Darkest Hour.  You can’t help but see the parallels with political events playing out today. World War II is looming.  The U.S. is shamefully still neutral.  Hitler is marching across Europe and is on the verge of wiping out the entire British Army at Dunkirk – the entire British Army.  Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain has lost the confidence of his country and of parliament, and has weakened…

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“This is a Holy Season … Merry Christmas, Everybody”

On November 30th, President Donald and First Lady Melania Trump presided over the lighting of the National Christmas tree outside the White House. It was heartwarming to hear the President’s reflections on the celebration of the holy birth of Christ and the prayerful and joyful time leading up to Christmas. Enjoy the video of the President’s full  speech and transcript below. A very Merry Christmas to all our Alamo Torch readers. May your new year be abundantly blessed. Alamo Torch Editor Full Text of President Donald Trump’s Speech at National Christmas Tree Lighting  Ceremony Today’s the day that I’ve been…

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