Censorship by Omission

censorship by omission


We were at the steps of City Hall on a beautiful Wednesday morning in October, 2012.  The news conference was ready to begin.  Cameras, microphones, podium and participants were all in place.

There was good representation of the media as was expected since this was the first formal, public announced opposition to Pre-K 4 SA.

George Rodriguez welcomed the representatives from the local news media and introduced me.  I began stating the major concerns about this pet project of Mayor Julian Castro, this resume-enhancing “feather in his cap”, a $240 million feather.

Suddenly a clanging discordant noise interrupted my presentation.  Half a dozen protesters banging on cans or kettles marched up the sidewalk into our space.  It was a page right out of Saul Alinsky’s neo-Marxist manifesto, Rules For Radicals.

I paused several minutes until the noise abated and then completed my remarks.  Other presenters spoke and the upstaged news conference ended.

That afternoon I went over the details and our coalition’s concerns with a reporter from the Express News.  She helped me get in contact with another reporter so I also shared the concerns and the story with him.  I invited him to contact me if he had further questions as he wrote the news story.  His comment stunned me!  He said, “We’ll see if we consider this news.”

CONSIDER THIS NEWS?  I thought, “If the first formal public opposition to the Mayor’s pet project Pre-K 4 SA isn’t considered news, what is?”

Thursday morning I bought a paper.  I looked for a picture on the front page.  Not there.  I looked for a report on page two.  Not there either.  I looked for a report in the city section.  Not a word!

That’s when I realized news was not only manipulated in New York and Chicago.  It was also happening in our city.  My eyes were opened.  My naiveté left.  On that Thursday in October, 2012, we experienced an unequivocal “censorship by omission”.

The commitment to an already conceived, but yet unnamed alternative news source,  Alamo Torch,  took firm root on that day. Don’t forget to register to receive unbiased, accurate news in San Antonio. Go to: AlamoTorch.Com