City Council Turning A Blind Eye to Abortion Expansion in San Antonio

Abortion ExpansionI wish I was writing this article to expose something about some important prudential issue like pot holes, speed bumps, ride sharing or salaries for City Council members, but unfortunately it is about the actual taking of human life.

Texas HB 2, the omnibus pro-life state legislative bill passed into law in 2013, went into effect in January 2014. The new abortion regulations  limit abortions to the first 20 weeks, requires abortionists to obtain hospital admitting privileges, abortion facilities to meet state ambulatory surgical  center (ASC) standards, as well as requiring abortion providers  to follow the FDA-approved protocols for administering abortion-inducing drugs. However, did you know that right here in San Antonio, Planned Parenthood is building a 20,000 square foot facility as their flagship facility for South and West Texas?

The Stop Planned Parenthood San Antonio coalition is a loose organization of pro-life groups who have been fighting  the new mega-abortion facility at 2140 Babcock. We are perplexed that the Planned Parenthood facility is being given  a pass on zoning issues that just about any other business would most likely never get.  By this I mean it appears the city has given Planned Parenthood the green light to rebuild this killing facility as a C-1 commercial property and they have refused to hear complaints from city residents which has precipitated a lawsuit against the city.  C1 is a zoning classification for your typical office building, doctor’s office, or mom and pop grocery store.  Every other ambulatory surgical center in the city is zoned C-3 and a few  zoned C-2.

What the uproar is about is the fact that the city appears to have fast-tracked the permitting and zoning of the Planned Parenthood facility rather than subject it to the  highest level of scrutiny  which it deserved considering the new facility would be performing surgeries, that is, medical operations. We question why the San Antonio City Council  looks the other way while obsessing about ride sharing and changing the city charter to grant themselves salaries while their Development Services department in charge of building zoning and permitting refuses to enforce its zoning laws.

The zoning commission within the city’s development services department is responsible for conducting public hearings related to zoning change requests.  According to the city’s website, the commission “conducts public hearings and recommends the appropriate boundaries of zoning districts, and recommends changes to the regulation to be enforced in those zoning districts to City Council.” Public hearings required in zoning changes  involve notification of the public, in this case, the neighborhood impacted by the zoning change. Public hearings are  anathema to Planned Parenthood because there is often major opposition and a loud outcry from the new neighbors of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion enterprise in the U.S.

We believe there are serious questions that should be answered about the relationship between city council members and members of the Planned Parenthood  board. Reports available on the city’s website reveal that Planned Parenthood board members have provided direct donations to Mayor Ivy Taylor  and Councilman Ron Nirenberg, District 8 Councilman, in whose district Planned Parenthood is building their mega-abortion center. Other councilmen have also received donations from Planned Parenthood board members.

Writing an article like this and addressing this very important topic is not fun but the Alamo Torch is about exposing serious issues in our city.  This article is about life and death,  innocent babies being killed daily in our neighborhoods. Since we learned about the construction of the Planned Parenthood site, we’ve discovered that Alamo Women’s Reproductive Services is building another major abortion operation less than a mile from the Planned Parenthood facility within the medical center area. We ask you to consider letting others know about this tragedy and call your city council member to inquire about this situation.  Why are city officials looking the other way while this legal killing facility is constructed in a quiet neighborhood without any input from the public?  We hope to provide some perspective on this incredibly sad story.

The American lives killed on 9-11-2001, combined with the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan collectively (10+ years), are less than the lives killed last year alone in Bexar County.  Yet America could not stand the thought of all the bloodshed, and, because of the public outcry, America has all but pulled out of these wars.  Yet this very county of Bexar had roughly 7,413 abortions in one year according to the Texas State records from 2012, the most current year reported.

Yet, at the same time this is taking place, American society, after 40 years, is beginning to understand the sheer numbers of actual human lives destroyed under the false authority of  U.S. Federal laws. The tide of public opinion is shifting with the realization of what is really happening because  post-abortive women and men have been courageous enough to share their stories that abortion has injured them mentally, emotionally, and physically for life.  So, the truth will indeed prevail eventually.

We are all familiar with the slaughter of the innocent infant boys in Bethlehem after the Magi failed to report back to Herod. He ordered all boys to be killed under two years of age.  Herod, also under false authority, his own authority, killed hundreds of infant boys.

Think about this barbaric act committed by Herod and  imagine the government of today ordering the actual slaughter of children.  The first time I heard this bible story as a child, it upset me deeply and perhaps you were disturbed too.  I don’t know about you, but I ran to my parents looking for comfort, and I remember them telling me that that is the way things worked back in the time of Jesus, but that is not the way it is done anymore.  I believed them, and to an extent they were right, that is, until Roe v Wade in 1973.

It is also true that there are accounts of child sacrifices in the Old Testament.  These pagans sacrificed children to the graven images and the pagan gods. How barbaric!  What great cruelty humans are capable of given the right situation culturally.  Can you imagine, such little value a human life had at one point in our history?  Sadly, today we still sacrifice babies daily, not by a pagan priest, but through the hands of the abortionist, offering up our babies to the gods of fornication, promiscuity, adultery, and others in the name of the great god of lust.  Why do the babies have to be slaughtered because of the sin of their parents is the question modernity needs to ask as society is now beginning to understand this tragedy.

So, to our point here, why is the City of San Antonio turning a blind eye to the serious question of zoning of this facility?  One has to wonder what in the world is going on!  Have we lost our way to the point that even our own city government has succumbed  to the powers of the pagan gods and the pressures of so called “planned parenthood”? This facility at 2140 Babcock in the Medical Center that was designed to heal, not kill people, has the capacity to eventually abort anywhere from 2,800 babies (Planned Parenthood’s actual estimate r) and up to 10,000 + babies per year once Brownsville and El Paso close due to the HB 2 regulations.

One of the articles in the local newspaper even suggests that there are now organized charter buses ready to transport abortion-bound women from these other towns to San Antonio once abortion facilities in their towns are closed by the Federal Courts.  By Planned Parenthood’s own description, this building will be their “flagship facility”. This piece of property does not come close to having the ability to handle the volume of people, the traffic, parking nor the simple requirement to allow the fire and emergency vehicles to operate adequately.

If you are disturbed as I am and are outraged about what I have written here today, then will you stand with us, in pro-life San Antonio, to help us demand the city to apply the highest level of scrutiny when analyzing and inspecting this facility according to the city’s zoning laws? We have been a part of this fight since the announcement in late October and we have witnessed so far, the lowest level of scrutiny so far, given the fact that this is a surgical  facility.  It does make you wonder if someone in the city has sold out, or sold us out to the agenda of Planned Parenthood. Given our experience you would probably come to the same conclusion.

If you are pro-life, or maybe you are not, in any case do we want a city government responsible for enforcing proper zoning standards to protect all citizens according to the specific land use ignoring their own regulations?  Imagine how the owners of the residence just behind the facility must feel when their property values plummet in value when this facility opens.  No one wants to have an abortion facility in their backyard.

We respectfully challenge all citizens to petition the city with phone calls, emails, letters, or even a personal visit to your council member expressing your concerns and viewpoints on this important matter.  We don’t expect the City of San Antonio to ban abortion. We simple ask the City for nothing more than to hold this Planned Parenthood facility and any other abortion facility to the highest level of scrutiny, to require compliance with zoning and safety standards.