Voting With A Conscience

It was election time maybe ten years ago.  I looked at a ballot someone had placed on the display table at church.  There were umpteen names on it and I asked the question others have asked before and since:  “How do I know whom to vote for?”  Today I have two excellent answers to that question.

Fast-forward to three years ago.  I was walking down the aisle at WalMart when my cell phone rang.  An unfamiliar voice said, “I understand you have a Pastors PAC (Political Action Committee).”  That was a faith statement.  It was calling a thing unseen as though it was.  I said there were plans but the project was on the back burner at the time.  In ten minutes, Pastors PAC moved to the front burner.

Within a week or two I sat at a table with four others discussing candidates on the Texas state primary ballot, one rookie (me) and four political junkies.  This was not their first election rodeo.  They graciously accorded me more credit than I had earned or deserved.  Then after a few meetings, I came to realize some skill sets of mine were helpful to the team.

Our collaborating organizations developed independent endorsement lists, similar but not identical.  Today we are working on our tenth election together. Pastors PAC looks for candidates who fit the Exodus 18:21 model.  People who are able to do the job well and who also have sterling character.

Go to to consult the non-partisan voter guide for Bexar County voters.  You can also access our endorsement list.  Or check out our colleague’s superb site (with a Catholic flavor) at  Forward the links to your friends.  In time, we can have the experience of Proverbs 29:2, “When the righteous rule, the people rejoice.”

[The role of the responsible citizen especially the person with a biblical worldview is to participate in the electoral process, be informed of the pressing issues of your community, and VOTE, guided by biblical principles while “holding fast to your faith and a good conscience”. (1 Tim. 1:19), Editor]