National Day of Prayer in San Antonio It Happened or Did it?


National Day of Prayer - San Antonio 2015

National Day of Prayer – San Antonio 2015

I was there at noon with over 700 others on the first Thursday of May, 2015. It was the largest or second largest attendance in 30 years for this annual event. The event was historic but there was nary a word about it the next day in our local newspaper. It was suppressed news by the Express-News.

The National Day of Prayer event at the steps of San Antonio City Hall on May 7th again featured a denominational and ethnic spectrum of clergy and laity leading prayers for the family, for God’s People, for our city and for our nation. The theme was “Lord Hear Our Cry” based on King Solomon’s prayer at the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem, recorded in 1Kings 8:28.

Suzanne Dollar served as coordinator for this year’s event. Her husband Soapy Dollar, host of The Bible Live Radio Ministry, led the prayer of Adoration and Thanksgiving for God’s Faithfulness.

Janice Flowers and her husband, Pastor Charles Flowers, led in praying for the family. They declared we will stand firmly on the Bible’s definition of family.

Father Jimmy Drennan prayed for God’s people including Jews and Muslims, also expressing concern for immigrants.

This was the thirtieth consecutive year a National Day of Prayer Event has been observed in downtown San Antonio. The first two were in the restaurant at the top of the Tower of the Americas as it cycled around. The last twenty-eight have been held on the steps of City Hall.

All San Antonio mayors have signed a National Day of Prayer Proclamation since Mayor Henry Cisneros signed the one in 1986. In most of the thirty years, the Mayor in office has personally read his or her proclamation at the event soon after the bells of the San Fernando Cathedral pealed the noon hour.

Mayor Ivy Taylor wrote her proclamation, read it as her predecessors have and then led the gathering in a prayer for our city. This was historic, a first in thirty years!

Pastors John Hagee and David Walker had participated in the first National Day of Prayer Observance in downtown San Antonio. They each spoke a few moments and led in a Cry from My Heart prayer.

The choir from 210 Church augmented by members from other church choirs led in the praise and worship. At least two radio stations and two television outlets were represented.

San Antonio Chief of Police, Anthony Trevino, led in the Cry for our City prayer. USMC 1st Sgt. (Retired) Walda Collins, striking in parade dress, including first responders and military, led in the Cry for our Nation prayer.

Students from ten local Christian schools were among the attendees. One student from each school recited or read one to three verses of scripture. One student recited the first verse perfectly and then checked the writing on the student’s hand to get help with the second verse.

Pastor Gerald Ripley led the closing prayer and pronounced the benediction.

Mayor Taylor stayed the entire time. Could that be why the Express-News suppressed this news? Can you say “Censorship by omission”? It was advocacy journalism. It was blatant suppression and poor sportsmanship, even unethical.

But the event did happen. More than 700 are witnesses. You read it here in the “Alamo Torch”.