Local Planned Parenthood Head Lobbies for More Public Funded Abortions

Letter in response to “State tax money used to obscure abortion services” an opinion piece by Jeffrey Hons, President/CEO of Planned Parenthood of South Texas, published in the San Antonio Express News June 6, 2016

by Patrick Von Dohlen

Planned Parenthood South Texas President and CEO, Jeffrey Hons, played “dress up” in his article concerning state funding for women’s health services. The simple fact of the matter is he is a disgruntled interested party complaining that other entities and organizations are receiving funding for women’s health and family planning in Texas while his organization has been cut out. Like any salesman of abortion services, he attempts feebly to couch his arguments as an attack on the equality of women because for those who profit immensely from destroying unborn humans and selling their body parts like chattel, abortion is necessary for women to be equal to men in their reproductive decisions (men have no such recourse to avoid the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy). Again, his argument is all dress up.

First, a woman’s health and equality are adversely affected by abortion. A higher percentage of future women are aborted globally. Further, a woman is directly impacted both physically and psychologically by an abortion. Abortion risks are borne by the woman and unborn child. It is the woman who risks depression, the crisis of conscience, who endures the risk of the procedure (especially when Planned Parenthood admits they have altered abortion procedures to obtain a body part), and who’s exposed to an increased cancer risk. Of course, it is the child who is killed. Meanwhile, it is the man responsible for the pregnancy who experiences little or no consequence and bears no physical risk. Again, how is abortion the great equalizer?

This is the dress up. Somehow making the murder of a preborn child and a procedure with potentially devastating lifelong negative physical and emotional after effects a “sacred” right is labeled “healthcare.” It is putrid snake oil that is hard to swallow, but one that Jeffrey Hons and those like him including Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, must get the public to swallow in order to continue to make their six figure salaries and curry political favor with progressives by dishing out contributions to local officials in city government.

Mr. Hon’s criticism of the “politics of this” is laughable. Planned Parenthood is big business and successful in lobbying powerful politicians and their friends in the media. When caught in the act of selling human body parts, their allies in office and news media do everything to prosecute the whistleblowers who go public with hard evidence rather than shine the light on the illegal acts of “human trafficking”. Indisputable evidence shows human body parts were being sold by Planned Parenthood. Human beings were killed and butchered.

The logic isn’t hard to follow and the reality of abortion is clear when seen in the light of the product produced. But the media will continue to shade the truth and City council officials in San Antonio will continue to receive their contributions (and, coincidentally, have Planned Parenthood abortuaries built in their districts). The truth is as clear as a man not belonging in a ladies’ room and the dress up just as bad but that’s for another article.

Mr. Patrick Von Dohlen is the President of the San Antonio Family Association whose mission is “Protecting, Defending and Promoting the Family”.