I didn’t want the green cart for my grass clippings, tree branches and pizza boxes. So what’s it doing sitting there on my driveway next to the brown cart and the blue cart?

Did my wife insist? No, it wasn’t that. Did some slick talking salesman get me? No. What then? I’m being manipulated.

A few weeks ago I discovered the green cart on my yard and a door hanger, “The Organics Recycling Program Guide”. The guide said the green cart program is FREE! (Emphasis mine.)

That Scottish blood in me was appealed to, that characteristic of being frugal and there the green cart sits. I can use it without paying for it according to the guide.

I don’t have anything against the color green. I like green in my trees, on my yard and in my wallet, but something isn’t sitting right; actually two things aren’t sitting right.

First, I don’t believe it’s free. “There ain’t no free bread” is a useful adage to realize in life.

Last year, I could have chosen to pay an extra $3 per month for Solid Waste Management pick-up and received the same green cart. Now I’m told it’s free. I wonder how to thank the drivers and the mechanics and the benefactor who donated the garbage truck fleet for their generosity. THAT’S REALLY NICE OF THEM. (My tongue is in my cheek.)

No, I believe I am already paying $3 a month more than I need to for the brown cart and blue cart. To be told it’s free is misleading and downright dishonest. Transparency is lacking at solid waste. Who knew about this? Did our City Council approve this deception? I don’t recall City Council acting on it.

Why make a fuss?

There are 346,000 households that Solid Waste Management services. 346,000 x $3 equals $1,038,000 per month and $12,456,000 per year.

The second rub is this: Someone decided FOR ME that green carts is the place to put $12 million each year. I didn’t get to vote on it. But I help pay for it. I would have selected additional police officers or additional EMS units as better programs to channel $12 million into annually.

I’m planning to send a copy of this article to the Mayor and City Council and forward it to some on my e-mail list. You could do the same.

The modus operandi of manipulation accompanied by dishonesty needs to be exposed and opposed lest it happen again.