Why is Providence Catholic School Promoting Abortion by Way of Speakers and Honorees?

Providence Leftists

On April 1st Providence Catholic School held its Legacy Gala at the Hilton airport.  Individual seats went for $100.00 and table sponserships sold at $1,000.00.   The purpose was to raise funds for the Catholic school.  It is a preparatory school for girls with an enrollment of about 300 students ranging from 6th grade to 12th grade.  Since I’m a graduate and have two sisters who also graduated from Providence High School, as it was known when we attended, I have taken an interest in their total failure to promote true Catholic doctrine. My father worked hard to pay for our tuition so that we would be instructed in our Catholic faith and to give us an education worthy to meet the challenges of the ‘outside’ world.

After ten phone calls to the school asking for the Principal, Alicia Garcia, and leaving a message to return my call which she never did, I finally received a call back from Sergio Salinas, the Development Director, at Providence Catholic School.  He was as cool as a cucumber when I questioned his motives about the choices of the women for the Legacy Gala.   I asked why Leticia Van de Putte was asked to be a speaker and how did they manage to name Maria Antonietta Rodriguez Berriorzabal and Mary Alice Cisneros as the honorees.  He said that the gala was not meant to be a political platform and that Van de Putte spoke on her ‘Provet’, as Providence attendees are called, daughter attending the school.   I let him know that Van de Putte is the Texas icon for abortion and same-sex marriage to which he responded, “that it was not a political event.”

According to Salinas, the two honorees had attended Providence High School and that was why they were honored, no other information was provided.   I’m really curious what the emcee at the gala could have possibly said about these two Providence graduates who have failed miserably in promoting and living their Catholic values.

Having three strong “progressive” political women who are pro-choice and same-sex marriage advocates on the program only fooled the naive and the very ignorant.   It was very much a ‘political gathering,’ subliminally advocating abortion and same-sex marriage since it is no secret that these women are activists in the Democratic Party.

The two women ‘honorees’ have very distinct views opposing Catholic doctrine.  Mary Alice is the wife of former HUD director under Bill Clinton, Henry Cisneros.  He was also the former mayor of the Alamo City.  Mary Alice served as Council woman for District 1 and did absolutely nothing to stop the play Corpus Christi depicting Christ as a homosexual,  even though the San Antonio Archdiocese held a press conference with other religious leaders asking for the city council to stop the play from opening.

Berriorzabal is a social justice activist plain and simple; she promotes equality for women’s reproductive rights, which are rights to procure an abortion, and the LGBT community.  It was remarkable that the March newsletter of ‘La Voz de Esperanza’ had Berriorzabal on the front cover and on the centerfold where she carries a banner ‘Mujeres La Fuerza de la Lucha’ translated, ‘Women leading the Struggle’.

The Esperanza Justice Center is the most “progressive” activist organization in San Antonio.  Taken straight from their website:  The Esperanza advocates for those wounded by domination and inequality — women, people of color, the lesbian, gay, trans and queer community, the working class and poor.  Regarding their historical roots, Esperanza’s leaders proudly declare on their website that “[f]or the last 30 years, the Esperanza has become a unique institution, having galvanized a multiracial, multicultural and bilingual cultural arts/social change community headed by Latinas, the majority of whom are lesbians.”  They also advocate for Open Borders and of course the usual cry of ‘No War’.

On further discussion with Salinas, he admitted to heading the committee that was responsible for this unspeakable display of moral squalor and dare call it a “legacy gala”.   When asked who the other members of the committee were he calmly replied, “I would rather not say.”

I might add here that there were other alumnae and Catholics calling the school for clarification.  I received a report from a trusted source that the Principal acknowledged that it was Fr. David Garcia that recommended Leticia Van de Putte and that the Archdiocese knew about the Legacy Gala.

The most absurd comment Salinas uttered was that “social issues were not the subject”.   How do you separate a lifetime of activism for abortion and agitating for LGBT rights and dare say that social issues were not the subject?

What exactly does a development director do at Providence? What does he ‘develop’?   Apparently the development director has no awareness of developing a strong moral conscience of the student since he personally agreed to “honor” political activists who unashamedly stand for abortion and same-sex marriage which totally contradict Catholic doctrine.

Salinas has caused grave scandal because as the “Development Director” it is his duty to educate the students in traditional Catholic doctrine.  The gala promoted the worst kind of deceit by allowing wolves in sheep’s clothing to be honored for their lifelong politicking against what the Church teaches.

This description of the Esperanza is taken from their website:
The people of Esperanza dream of a world where everyone has civil rights and economic justice, where the environment is cared for, where cultures are honored and communities are safe. The Esperanza advocates for those wounded by domination and inequality — women, people of color, the lesbian, gay, trans and queer community, the working class and poor. We believe in creating bridges between people by exchanging ideas and educating and empowering each other. We believe it is vital to share our visions of hope… we are esperanza.

Unfortunately the Providence Catholic School website has a very similar mission.

Mission Statement:
Providence Catholic School, a college preparatory institution for young women, which is sponsored by the Congregation of Divine Providence, provides a program of academic excellence grounded in faith and trust in a Provident God. Providence prepares young women of diverse backgrounds for the world of tomorrow and encourages them to develop intellectual curiosity, deepen their faith, practice integrity, and seek justice.

Work for JUSTICE

We believe…

  • Students should be informed of the needs in the local and global community.
  • Students are given the opportunities to be active participants in seeking justice, peace, and  freedom.
  • Inclusivity and diversity are integral to our community.

It seems that Providence ‘Catholic’ school is working hand in hand with the Esperanza group in indoctrinating the students to follow in the steps of Leticia Van de Putte, Maria Berriorzabal, and Mary Alice Cisneros.  There is no indication from the mission statement or the role models they cherry-picked that the Provets are taught that defending and promoting our Pro-life and traditional marriage principles are pillars of the Catholic Church.

In their 2017 GALA video the honorees tell of their Providence education and their accomplishments.

Maria Berriorzabal:   “I have been a community leader.”  This is the only statement Berriorzabal made in reference to her life’s work.

Mary Alice Cisneros:   “The nuns instilled strong Christian values to be able to know right from wrong… It was very important to know that we were Christian women.”

Since Catholics are the majority in San Antonio, had they voted and practiced their Christian values, San Antonio would not have allowed Planned Parenthood to thrive. The city would not have passed the Non Discrimination Ordinance to include special rights for sexual orientation and gender identity and students in Catholic schools would be taught their Catholic doctrine.

San Antonio has become a cesspool of social corruption by allowing the 2013 ordinance expanding special protections for the LGBT population to pass with a Catholic Mayor.  Planned Parenthood has thrived with an Evangelical mayor and it’s apparent that some “Catholic” schools have lost their way.  The Christian community can no longer remain silent.  Where will this all end?  When will God’s people rise and shout enough is enough.

It’s time for action.  If you graduated from Providence Catholic school, do not contribute to any fund that will promote values not consistent with Catholic dogma.  If you do contribute than you are part of the problem by continuing this travesty at the school that will spill into the San Antonio community.  Call the school at 210 224 6651 and let them know that Catholic schools should teach Catholic doctrine and that women who advocate for abortion and same-sex marriage should not be honored.  In case you fail to receive a response, please contact Archbishop Gustavo Garcia Siller by faxing him at 210 734 0708.  Remember to be respectful.  If we don’t stand up now,  our voices will be lost forever!

[Mrs. Sonja Harris is a well-known, conservative writer for her popular blog, Conservatives in Action. She is also a talented photographer whose pictures have appeared in local art shows.]

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