Upcoming Forum on the Future of San Antonio’s Water Supply – Politics, Business, Environment, Growth


What the citizens of San Antonio don’t know is that there are other, cheaper and more secure, sources of water located less than half the distance of the Vista Ridge project.  Public discussion on the Vista Ridge project has been limited to whether or not there is a need for SAWS to diversify its water portfolio, casting the discussion in terms of conservation versus growth, pitting environmentalists against real estate developers.” (James Murphy, Alamo Torch, February 14, 2017)

 “SAWS’ rates have climbed nearly every year for residential and large-scale users since 2006, utility records show. The new rates will take effect Jan. 1, and SAWS has forecasted that bills will continue to rise so that the average residential user will see a 50 percent higher monthly water and sewer bill by 2020.  (“City Council votes unanimously for water, sewer rate increases”,  Brendan Gibbons, San Antonio Express-News, November 19, 2015 )

Oil is Texas’  most precious resource next to WATER. Don’t you want to know more about San Antonio’s water future? Come to the upcoming forum and learn from the experts.



Mr. Jim Smyle

Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance Board Member;  Natural Resources Management Consultant

Mr. James Lee Murphy, Esq.

Attorney at Law; State Leader on Water Law and Policy Initiative

Mr. George Rice



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