Brehm and Brockhouse: Two Candidates Worthy of Support in the 2017 San Antonio Run-Off Election


The San Antonio City Council election on May 6th certainly surprised many voters. A crowded field, there were 79 candidates vying for eleven seats on the city council including the Mayor’s office. Whatever choices voters made in that election, there now is another runoff election on June 10th with a pared down list consisting of the two top vote getters who did not achieve 50% of the vote for Mayor and City Council Districts 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10.

While the Alamo Torch is evaluating the run-off election candidates and will provide recommendations before early voting, there are two strong conservative candidates we are calling attention to and recommending for your full support – Ms. Cynthia Brehm for District 8 and Mr. Greg Brockhouse for District 6. Greg and Cynthia were the top vote getters in their district’s general election with Greg winning 36% of his district’s vote; Cynthia earning 33.3%.

Conservative Christian voters in San Antonio have been dismayed and disappointed by the extreme leftwing political leadership in the city especially during the recent terms of Mayor Julian Castro whose policies mirrored the unrestrained liberal policies of the Obama administration in Washington. Evidence of this comradeship became apparent when Obama plucked Castro from his San Antonio job as Mayor (2009-2014) in the summer of 2014 to head the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a cabinet-level federal behemoth with a $47 billion annual budget. HUD was established in 1965 under President Lyndon Johnson as part of his outsized “Great Society” program.

Mayor Ivy Taylor in her role as District 2 Councilwoman impressed Christian leaders with her independent vote in the Fall of 2013 opposing the special rights ordinance expanding the city’s  existing anti-discrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity and bucking the 8-3 majority on the city council who voted for the ordinance contrary to the widespread opposition of the city’s church leaders and residents who spoke out against it repeatedly in council meetings. The city attorney at the time reported that there were no incidences of discrimination filed with the city against self-identified LGBT persons.

Two other council members opposed the liberalization of the city’s anti discrimination policies – Carlton Soules of District 10 and Elisa Chan representing District 9. Both have since left and run for other political offices. They represented the conservative voice  of the people on the council especially on city policies addressing moral issues of particular significance  to the Christian community.  Cynthia Brehm and Greg Brockhouse are two candidates along with Mayor Taylor whose values are informed by their Christian principles.

Cynthia Brehm      
According to Ms. Brehm’s campaign bio, “she is a Christian, a retired Army wife, a grandmother, a community activist, and a public servant.” She graduated from the University of Hawaii Magna Cum Laude and from St Mary’s University with a Master’s in Public Administration as a Distinguished Graduate. She is a certified Master Trainer for the U.S. Army, which allows her to teach military doctrine worldwide. She is a descendant of the Canary Islanders that settled San Antonio in 1731. In fact, her ten-times grandfather, Juan Leal Goraz was the first mayor of San Antonio.

Cynthia has substantial business experience  in marketing consultancy and the advertising field overseeing millions of dollars on a national and regional level across the state of Texas, negotiating contracts and balancing business accounts.

She is a no nonsense bible believing Christian who puts her faith into action in many civic enterprises and charities. Cynthia attends Oak Hills Church – Crownridge Campus. According to her candidate questionnaire response, she is running for office because she believes she is answering God’s calling.

Cynthia needs your help over the next two  weeks prior to early voting. She needs committed volunteers to get out the vote, block walking and phone banking for her. 13.2% of the city’s 752,000 voters cast their ballots in the May 6th general election. In the runoff elections, historically, there will be a much smaller percentage of voters casting their ballots. Every vote truly counts in these district run-off races. Please contact Cynthia’s campaign and get involved as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. Her email address is: or call 210-947-5002.

For a more detailed bio on Cynthia, please visit Adam McManus’ detailed personal  profile on Brehm.

Greg Brockhouse
Greg is running for Councilman of District 6. He  has an outstanding record of leadership in San Antonio. He is well known around the city as one of the key activist leaders who killed the ill-conceived streetcar money pit in July 2014 and helped lead the challenge to SAWS’ rate hike in 2016. He also helped lead negotiations with the city for a fair contract with the San Antonio Police officers.

Greg has a Bachelor’s degree from Southwest Texas State University with a focus on Public Administration. He is a Certified Public Manager in the State of Texas, a small business owner in District 6,  a veteran of the United States Air Force. He has worked at City Hall serving as a Chief of Staff and Constituent Services manager for multiple council persons.

Greg knows his constituents’ priorities are public safety, city streets and sidewalks, caring for seniors, jobs, and a singular focus on neighborhood improvement. As a local community leader, his many accomplishments prove he will continue to fight for a better San Antonio as a city councilman. Greg attends the Little Flower Catholic Parish in San Antonio. His father is a pastor at Mount Olive Lutheran Church.

For a more detailed bio on Greg, please visit Adam McManus’ detailed personal profile on Brockhouse.

Please  help  Greg take his seat representing District 6 and all of San Antonio. He can be contacted at 210-706-0671,

The San Antonio run-off election is on June 10th for the offices of Mayor and the majority of the City Council Districts. Early voting starts Tuesday, May 30th and ends Tuesday, June 6th.

Stay tuned for the Alamo Torch San Antonio General Run-off Election Voter Guide coming to your inbox before early voting.

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