C Brehm

The hotly contested municipal runoff election is around the corner. Early voting ends Tuesday, June 6th.  Voting day is Saturday, June 10th. The race between Cynthia Brehm and Manny Pelaez is narrowing. It is my opinion that Cynthia is the better candidate to represent her district and all of San Antonio.  Cynthia has a fresh, well-informed perspective on the business of city government and the views of San Antonio residents.

Manny Pelaez brags that he has extensive experience as an insider working on commissions tied to the city like VIA, the Bond committee, San Antonio Water Systems, etc. He does not mention in his campaign literature that County Judge Wolff asked him to step down from the VIA board of trustees because he wasn’t attending meetings. He also stepped down from chairing the Brooks Development Authority overseeing the redevelopment of Brooks Air Force base. Questions of conflict of interest in the Nexolon contract arose when Pelaez represented District 9 on the Brooks Development Authority Board. Troubled by his stance on the contract, District Nine Councilwoman Elisa Chan dismissed him as District Nine’s representative.

There are other troubling questions about Mr. Manny Pelaez that voters should be concerned about.

The local San Antonio paper pointed out in February that he and his family lived in his District Nine home as recently as the last Christmas holidays which violated the residency requirements in the City Charter.  Pelaez claims his residence has been his parents’ home in the Dominion which is in District 8. Pelaez’ past record also shows he was a scofflaw put in jail for not paying his traffic ticket and has had multiple bankruptcies.

Writers for the local paper have poked fun at Cynthia Brehm about one of her positions on reducing traffic gridlock on the San Antonio highways. Transportation is one of Cynthia’s top priorities. These local press people didn’t bother to clarify Cynthia’s suggestion out of laziness or ill will but I did. She explained to me that a number of large cities have deployed these black barriers including Denver, Phoenix, Miami, Orlando, Culver City,Redondo Beach, the New York Port Authority and many other law enforcement agencies around the country to improve traffic flow with little expense to the taxpayer while maintaining public safety, providing privacy for victims and discourage “rubbernecking”, providing better access for first responders.

Here is a quick comparison of where Brehm and Pelaez stand on issues of concern to you (download):

If you haven’t already voted as a District 8 resident, please consider very seriously voting for Cynthia Brehm. This race for District 8 is very close at this time based on early voting reports. EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Go to the Bexar County Elections Department website for polling places and schedules.

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