Deliverance from Endless Jihad

Imagine that the memorial site in the image above was in downtown San Antonio in front of the San Fernando Cathedral rather than at St. Ann’s Square in Manchester, England. The square overflowing with tributes of flowers and balloons represented the terrible anguish and suffering the families, friends, and residents of Manchester were expressing in their sorrow and mourning for the senseless murders and maiming of innocent lives, mostly young girls attending the concert of American singer, Ariana Grande, in Manchester on May 22nd.

Why did the 22-year-old Muslim suicide bomber, Salman Abadi, son of Libyan refugee immigrants, take his own life and those of so many innocent young people enjoying the evening at a pop concert?

How about the 28 innocent Coptic Christians on a bus traveling to a monastery in Egypt murdered in cold blood by ten Muslim assailants in four wheel drive vehicles in the desert outside Cairo last week? The targeting of Egyptian Christians  by murderous Jihadists is driving the Christian population out of Egypt and the same has been happening in Iraq and Syria where ancient Christian communities have lived since the beginning of the Christian era. This is the purpose of Moslem jihadists.

Has anyone kept count of all the miserable violent attacks on “kafirs” (non-believers) by murderous jihadists happening all over the world? Frankly I’ve lost count. It appears a week hardly  goes by when the world is spared news about another assault by Islamic believers on innocent non-believing kafirs. From Indonesia, the Philippines, to Africa, the Middle East, and western European nations, the reported carnage continues to invade our daily lives with news accounts of new atrocities committed in the name of Allah and his prophet Mohammed.

According to the Center for the Study of Political Islam, Islam is more a political system and less a religion, a trilogy of “sacred” teachings formed by the Koran (Mohammed’s revelation), the Sira (Mohammed’s biography), and the Hadith (traditions of Mohammed).

The trilogy which represents the bedrock of Islam is less about Allah than about Mohammed who was born in Mecca in 570 AD. While Mohammed spent his early years preaching to the Meccans as a prophet and visionary who allegedly was visited by the archangel Gabriel, he failed to win many converts and was driven out of the city after 13 years. He was more successful in Medina where his teachings as recorded by his followers in the Koran changed from a religious tone to more of an aggressive political system calling for jihad, holy war. In this section of the Koran, Mohammed called all Muslims to jihad against non-believers using the sword,  captives, enslavement, ransoms, and war booty. Ten years after his exile from Mecca, he returned as its conqueror.

The fortunes of the conquering Islamic caliphates have expanded and waned through the centuries from the time of the consolidation of the Middle Eastern cities and states, the expansion into Europe, the battles with the Christian crusades and ultimate taking of Jerusalem, then the center of early Judaism and Christianity, the conquest of India,  later Spain, followed by the Ottoman Empire. In The Sword of the Prophet: Islam, History, Theology, Impact on the Word, author Serge Trifkovic explains that Mohammed preached the most important duties to be performed by Moslems are religion, war in the path of Allah, and pilgrimage. War against non-believers has always been a mandate of Mohammed and not as most politically-correct, submissive apologists describe and excuse today as the acts of a small minority of radical extremist jihadists. Such apologists are known today as “dhimmis”, kafirs (non-believers) who defer to Islam,  apologists for Islam. Don’t be one!

Islam, a religion born of the desert, has created jihad and remains defined by jihad, its most important concept for the rest of the world. Through jihad, Islam has emerged as a quasi-religious ideology of cultural and political imperialism that knows no natural limits to itself. Unlike the ‘just war theory’ originated in Christian thinking … jihad is inherently religious as well as political: Islamic normative thinking does not separate the two. It has emerged from the desert, and it perpetually creates new mental, psychic, spiritual, and literal deserts of whatever it touches.”
The Sword of the Prophet, Trifkovic, p. 141)

The Vatican II document, Nostra Aetate,  produced by the Pope and Catholic bishops spoke of respect and charity towards adherents of the monotheistic religions – Christian, Jewish, and Moslem. While Jews and Christians share a large part of sacred scripture, the religious part of the dualistic (contradictory) Koran actually is a distortion of the Christian, Jewish and pagan religion popular among the desert people in Arabia during his early life. While Judaism and Christianity have developed fundamental human principles concerning tolerance and altruism, Islam considers those who leave their religion as apostates, the worst sin possible, worse than even murder. Mohammed and his followers killed apostates.

In a recent article in Crisis Magazine, William Kilpatrick suggests that “jihad martyrdom doesn’t make sense from a Christian point of view, and maybe it’s time for the Pope and other Christian leaders to advance that viewpoint more forcefully and unapologetically.” Actually Pope Benedict XVI was severely criticized when he pointed out the dualism or contradictory passages in the Koran that indicate in one passage there is no compulsion in religion and in another  directs Moslems to spread the faith through violence.

While the western democracies continue to struggle with the rising tide of Islamic terrorism and endless jihad around the world, it is quite apparent to me that there is only one answer to the problem of militant jihadism which is not an aberration of the modern 21st century Islamic religious and political system but a preeminent  principle of its founder, Mohammed the prophet. Jihad is not just about waging war but is more about the total supremacy of Islam. The answer to militant jihadism is Jesus Christ. He is the Savior and Redeemer of all. Let us pray for conversions like we’ve never seen before in this world. Only the Almighty God of the Judeo-Christian bible can bring about the transformation of the world and the end of the terrible, senseless violence against the innocent victims of jihad.

“For the LORD is a great God, and a great King above all gods.” (Ps. 95:3)

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (Jn. 14:6)