Gay Pride, Religious Liberty, and Good Judgment


What’s so bad about gay pride celebrations? We just had one in San Antonio last Saturday at  Crockett Park and North Main Street – a street where the gay festival attendees and  neighboring restaurants were festooned with a uniformly gaudy display of rainbow banners, flags, hats, capes, T-shirts, shorts, socks, umbrellas, bandanas, bikini tops, etc. Inside the chain link enclosed festival area were booths hawking, you got it,  rainbow flags, hats, capes and assorted bric-a-brac.

Remember these sponsors at the festival next time you consider patronizing their services or products:  USAA, Univision, State Farm, AAA, Wells Fargo, Tesoro, Nationwide, Luby’s, Grand Hyatt, Embassy Suites, Fuddruckers, Toyota Spectrum, Budweiser

Also hawking their wares at their festival booth last Saturday was the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Now let’s talk about religious liberty. HRC is the largest homosexual rights advocacy and political lobbying organization in the U.S., based in Washington , D.C. They are fighting in many states against common sense laws that defend traditional marriage, families, and the religious liberties of Christian-based businesses. In Texas (from HRC website), “HRC has seven field organizers in four offices across Texas who work to mobilize opposition to any anti-LGBTQ legislation. HRC continues to work alongside Equality Texas, ACLU of Texas, Texas Freedom Network, the Transgender Education Network of Texas.” Remember those organizations, dear friends.

Texas is a major battleground for the LGBTQ activists at HRC and their allies in Texas. The organization is protesting Gov. Abbott’s decision to sign into law (HB 3859) protections for adoption and foster care agencies who disqualify same sex couples and protect agencies who provide reparative therapy services to minors unhappy with their disordered (same sex) sexual attractions. (California and eight other states have banned all such therapies for minors.) University of Texas Social Scientist Mark Regnerus completed extensive research on the subject regarding the social outcomes of children in same sex parental households and although he has been at the receiving end of extensive persecution, he has successfully defended his research  and corroborating studies. To summarize the findings:

“Published research employing the New Family Structures Study (NFSS), the ECLS (Early Childhood Longitudinal Study), the US Census (ACS), the Canadian Census, and now the NHIS all reveal a comparable basic narrative, namely, that children who grow up with a married mother and father fare best.”

“[T]he risk of clinical emotional problems, developmental problems, or use of mental health treatment services is nearly double among those with same-sex parents when contrasted with children of opposite-sex parents. The estimate of serious child emotional problems in children with same-sex parents is 17 percent, compared with 7 percent among opposite-sex parents, after adjusting for age, race, gender, and parent’s education and income. Rates of ADHD were higher as well—15.5 compared to 7.1 percent. The same is true for learning disabilities: 14.1 vs. 8 percent.”

Licensed clinical psychologists and psychiatrists have proven that thousands of men have benefited from reparative therapy, reducing their unwanted same sex attractions. But the HRC and allied LGBTQ activist organizations lobby hard to suppress and prevent the availability of such care for persons experiencing serious emotional and psychological trauma stemming from their disordered sexual attractions and gender identity confusion.

Many but not all therapists working in this difficult field are Christians. They have been threatened with revocation of their license to practice in their area of expertise because of ill-informed but perhaps well-intentioned appeasers and ideologically based political activists. Public officials are particularly susceptible to political and public pressure by LGBTQ activists  especially when they are not well grounded morally. Newly elected Mayor Ron Nirenberg told the LGBTQ press soon after the recent election that “I hope the LGBTQ community sees the election as a turning of the page. There’s no relationship to repair here, I’m already an ally.” He was selected and participated as a Grand Marshal of the Gay Pride parade last Saturday.

Why are politicians quick to affirm persons with same sex attractions,  perhaps influencing your people to act out and immerse themselves in an unhealthy lifestyle? Case studies have shown that same sex attraction is often a passing phase for young people.

We must open our eyes to the serious threats against our first amendment rights when our laws are constantly attacked, our cultural institutions (education, arts and entertainment, media opinion makers) undermined by the LGBTQ movement and their relentless assault on our nation’s Judeo-Christian patrimony. Our democracy is severely tried and in jeopardy especially when the attacks come from within the body politic – from the media, radical interest groups, and well-intentioned appeasers. Founding Father and second President John Adams wrote “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

A vast number of legal assaults by federal (especially during the Obama regime), state, and municipal agencies and organizations like the HRC, the ACLU, Lambda Legal, wealthy advocates like the Gill Foundation and others whose purpose and mission is to totally erase the Christian moral underpinnings of our society.

Here are but a few Christian-based businesses mentioned in the news of late who are in a legal fight defending their religious beliefs against gay rights ordinances:

  • Masterpiece Cake Shop in Colorado, proprietor Jack Phillips
  • Elaine Photography in New Mexico, proprietor Elaine Huguenin
  • Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Oregon, proprietor Melissa Klein
  • State of Washington v. Arlene’s Flowers, proprietor Barronelle Stutzman
  • Lexington-Fayette Urban County Human Rights Commission v. Hands On Originals
    Kentucky, proprietor Blaine Adamson
  • Brush & Nib Studio vs. City of Phoenix, proprietors Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski
  • 303 Creative vs. State of Colorado, Proprietor Lorie Smith
  • Telescope Media Group vs. State of Minnesota, proprietors Carl and Angel Larsen
  • Am Lynn Photography Studio vs. City of Madison, Wisconsin, proprietor Amy Lawson

These individuals are the unsung heroes of our day who are fighting for all of us so that our first amendment rights and religious liberties are safeguarded. Please keep them and the legal advocate organizations working on their behalf such as Alliance Defending Freedom, Thomas Law Center, American Center for Law & Justice, Liberty Council, Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, and other salutary legal organizations in your prayers.

Are we Christians judgmental in our attitude towards those who are undermining our Judeo-Christian heritage? The answer is an emphatic NO. We cannot know their motives entirely but we can certainly judge actions objectively. Pope Benedict XVI called our attention during his pontificate to the era of moral relativism we are living in. He called it a “dictatorship of relativism” where morals are not grounded in eternal  standards. Instead we are tossed about in an ocean of feelings, egos, and desires. He wrote that this new tyrannical standard considers religious values as an abstraction and often seen negatively when deciding public matters. “In the name of tolerance, tolerance is being abolished“, he said.

As Christians we have a sure guide to what is true and good – the Divine Law (the commandments of God, the gospels and letters of the apostles of Christ, all the books of the Bible) and the natural law. While we condemn the sin, we do not condemn the sinner which belongs to the “province of God”. Each of us sins but no one loses his intrinsic dignity as a person with a free will.  We repent and make amends and the good Lord forgives. It is our sacred duty as Christian citizens to judge objective good and evil, truth and error.  “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” (Isaiah 5:20)

Hand in hand with the knowledge of God’s laws is the “ardent desire to help those afflicted by moral blindness so that they may regain their sight, and turn away from an evil so great that it must make the angels weep in Heaven.” (Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand, eminent Catholic philosopher, theologian, author, and  educator speaking of  the evils of abortion and sodomy.)

“The true Christian — therefore — cannot be eloquent enough in condemning moral aberrations, and loving enough toward those who perpetrate them, praying like Christ on the cross: “My God, forgive them; they do not know what they are doing.”  (Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand, Judging and Judgmentalism)

Our country has been blessed with a long history of freedom. On its birthday, it is appropriate to be thankful and reflect on how we can guard against the suppression of religious freedom we do see now before it is too late. If we Americans can acknowledge the troubling trends now, and work to reverse them while we still have the freedom to do so, we will have a future America that embraces liberty and remains free for all.” (Travis Weber, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty, Family Research CouncilReport: Attacks On America’s First Freedom Increased 76 Percent In Three Years)