You’ve Done Well, Captain Patrick!

captain kirk

Good news out of Austin. Since July 18th when the Texas legislative special session kicked off, state senators under the steady hand of Lt. Governor Patrick have passed in a little more than week’s time substantive high priority, high profile bills affirming Texas as the bastion of American freedom and a bulwalk defending the country’s Judeo-Christian heritage with regards to the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and family life, and individual freedom against the constant assaults on America.

The critical sunset bill was passed with superhero blinding speed after the first two days of the session. Then the state senate passed the Texas Privacy Act (SB3 in special session, SB6 in the 85th regular session) this week just after midnight the morning of July 26th. This bill has been branded the “Bathroom Bill” by the mainstream press. The Senate also passed key pro-life bills – SB 8/HB214 to stop abortion funding through health insurance, SB11/HB12 which protects patients’ rights, SB10/HB13 which mandates reporting of abortion complications. Almost all of the Governor’s top priority bills have been passed by the Senate or are going through committee hearings on their way to final votes. As of yesterday, the Senate has spent 27 hours on the upper chamber floor while the House has spent only 4 hours in deliberations. [Read the status of legislation priorities of the Governor in line with the Republican Party Platform.]

Another priority of the Governor we’ve been watching is the modest School Choice proposal (SB2/HB253) which would primarily provide tax credit scholarships to approx. 6,000 students with special needs. This program would be funded by private business institutions, not Texas taxpayers. The bill also includes $270 million in extra public school funding but even a miniscule school choice program which could be considered “crumbs” in light of public education’s absorption of over 50% of the state’s budget  is unacceptable to Speaker Joe Straus and House Committee Chair for Public Education, Dan Huberty, because of their subservient submission to the powerful public school czars protecting their monopoly.

In a private meeting in Austin yesterday with three conservative members of the House, the outspoken representatives shared their enthusiasm for the leadership of Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. They believe the special session called by the Governor was timely and strategic. They are working to make sure that the House leadership hold record votes on everything so the moderates and Democrats can’t duck and hide their votes from the  public. They’re asking why the Democrats are praising Republican Speaker Straus and have observed that the House leadership is in disarray. They are asking for assistance in influencing legislators in the House to sign on as co-authors to the bills prioritized by the Governor. “Over 70 co-authors” would be desirable to show widespread support for the bills unpopular with the Democrats and moderate Republicans. There is an effort afoot within the ranks of Republican insiders to propose a resolution to censure Speakers Straus based on Rule 44 of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) which reads in part: “[C]ensuring a Republican public or party office holder for three (3) or more actions taken during the current biennium in opposition to the core principles of the Republican Party of Texas defined in the Preamble of the Party Platform.” Read RPT Rules.

For now Republicans can rest easy with Capt. Dan Patrick at the helm steering the Senate in the right course the Governor has set for the legislators this summer. A memorable quip of Capt. James T. Kirk of the Enterprise comes to mind when thinking of the shady, deceitful  antics of Speaker Straus and his surrogates:

“You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, and irrational fear of the unknown. But there’s no such thing as ‘the unknown,’ only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.”

Final Thought About the “Bathroom Bill”

I’ve been following the mainstream media’s coverage these past few months of the goings on in Austin during the biennial legislative session.  Why the ridiculous obsession with the “bathroom bill”?  If you google “bathroom bill”, you’ll get 3,130,000 results; “Texas bathroom bill” yields 1,420,000 entries. In everything I’ve read that’s out there in the digital cloud on the topic of Texas state politics, invariably in the title or first sentence the “bathroom bill” will pop up. (SB 3 in the special session) It is not negotiable that the safety and privacy of women and children comes first. We thank the Governor, Lt. Governor, bill author State Sen. Lois Kolkhorst for sticking to their guns. But like the topic of abortion, the notion of transgender rights has become highly politicized, framed as a civil rights issue. Americans are naturally sympathetic to protecting and defending the civil rights of any group. Some apparently escaped and brainwashed captives of aliens from the planet Pandora who populate northern California even believe that animals should have the same rights as people.

What has happened to critical thinking, common sense, and clear-headed reasoning in America? In our last issue of the Alamo Torch, a very well-documented article on transgender ideology authored by the President of the American College of Pediatricians, Dr. Michelle Cretella, M.D., spelled out in great detail why the rush to support and enable a pathological pathway for adolescents to  take harmful, sterilizing drugs associated with gender transition therapy and, ultimately, genital mutilation surgery, is nothing short of large scale child abuse! If you haven’t read the Cretella article, please do so.

Texas parents testify before Senate committee supporting the Texas Privacy Act (SB3) on July 21, 2017.

Back to Joe Straus. Speaker Straus and his moderate Republican and Democratic Party friends believe this bill is discriminatory and will result in horrendous things like an epidemic of teenage suicides. These politicians don’t understand the real issues involved in this terrible tragedy with sexual identity confusion. This argument has no basis in fact as Dr. Cretella explains in detail in her article. Children suffering from gender dysphoria need help. Suicidal behavior is mostly the result of self loathing rather than the rejection of  family members and peers. In an earlier article featured in the Alamo Torch, authored by Mr. Walter Heyer, titled “I was a Transgender Woman“, he narrates his story about how he went through the whole thing including sex “reassignment” surgery and why, in his words, “Changing genders is short-term gain with long-term pain. Its consequences include early mortality, regret, mental illness, and suicide. Instead of encouraging them to undergo unnecessary and destructive surgery, let’s affirm and love our young people just the way they are.”

 Can we now get back down to Earth and speak as rational human beings capable of critical thought? Gender identity politics is the creation of the LGBTQQIA movement. (Yes, this time next year this “community” will cover every letter of the alphabet).

Lt Gov. Patrick commissioned a poll last month and found that 72% of Republicans will vote next year based on their candidate’s support for the Privacy Act. Another statewide poll by Conservative Republicans of Texas showed that 81% of Republican Primary voters agreed males should not be allowed in women’s and girls’ bathrooms. The common argument promoted by homosexual activist organizations like the Gill Action Fund and Gill Foundation, bankrolled by multimillionaire Tim Gill from Colorado, which funds Texas homosexual rights organization,  Equality Texas, one of the shrillest opponents of the Texas Privacy Act is that the Texas law is all about discrimination. It’s not. It’s about necessary common sense safety first and privacy.

The often repeated arguments of the Texas Privacy Act is that it is discriminatory, will endanger the economic growth of Texas due to massive boycotts, and law enforcement can’t police such laws. How can a vulnerable group of youngsters who are experiencing a transitory period of confusion about their sex identity be discriminated upon one day and sometime in the future happily accept their biological sex as in the case of Walter Heyer and others? They need help, not access to the wrong bathroom, and certainly not harmful steroids and organ mutilation. Massive boycotts? There are no facts to warrant such claims. As State Senator Kolkhorst succinctly commented in response, she values “daughters over dollars” IF in fact boycotts occurred. What are law enforcement officers like  San Antonio  Police Chief William McManus talking about? Is there really going to be a stampede of self-identified transgender men and boys heading for girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms? I’d like to hear his response the first time one of our wives, daughters, or sisters is sexually assaulted in their bathroom or locker. I’d like to hear his excuse then.