IF MY PEOPLE…A Message to Christians – 6th in a series


Zack was just a little tyke. He had a rough life almost from the beginning. It started out o.k. but  Zack’s parents wanted nothing to do with him. Even worse, they wanted him out of the way and made life totally miserable for him. They wouldn’t even give him a place to live.

Though Zack longed for a warm hospitable home and though he sought a place where he could feel attached and nourished, such was not to be. He died a premature death and passed into eternity.

In this series we are considering wicked ways of God’s people that forestall the Great Awakening our nation so desperately needs.

“You shall not murder” (Exodus 20:13). The key to comprehending this commandment is that EVERY person is made in the image of God. When one murders, one defiles the image of God in a person. Euthanasia and suicide are violations of this commandment.

Animals, birds and fish are different from mankind. They also are created by God but they are not made in the image of God. It is not a violation of this commandment to shoot a deer or filet a fish.

Israel fought in wars against the inhabitants of the land that became their inheritance. God told the Israelites to kill, utterly destroy, the inhabitants. (See Deuteronomy 20:16-18). The subject of capital punishment is addressed in Exodus 21:12-14. These passages illustrate that to kill and to murder are not synonymous. Murder has the aspect of a pre-meditated, non-God-ordained action. When Israel killed her enemies, the action was consonant with God’s command and His judgment.

As Jesus did with other commandments, He pointed to sin in the heart that violates this one. Jesus said our not being reconciled with a brother violates this commandment. It is more important to get reconciled than it is to go to church to worship and give an offering. (See Matthew 5:21-24). The Apostle John wrote in 1 John 3:15, “Whoever hates his brother is a murderer….” The Apostle Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:26, “Do not let the sun go down on your wrath.” He states the goal in verse 32 – be kind, tender-hearted, forgiving. God’s people need to diligently seek to live peaceably with all.

Now I’m going to crunch a bunch of toes including mine.

If there was one thing I could do over again in life it would be to have all the children God wanted to give my wife and me. We were married in college. We used the contraceptive pill to keep from having a baby. Then I went to Seminary. Unpleasant side effects led us to quit using the pill. Our first child was born after my second year in Seminary. Fourteen months later, during my last year of Seminary our second child was born. My parents had twelve children and I seemed on pace to possibly match that. So we used an IUD for a while. I didn’t comprehend then what I do now; namely, both the pill and the IUD were abortifacients that so disrupted the uterus that a fertilized egg or embryo could not get implanted or stay implanted in the uterus thus causing an abortion, the death of little tykes like Zack.

I believe life begins at the moment of conception. Therefore, this commandment is violated every time there is an intentional disruption once conception has occurred.

There have been about 60 million surgical abortions in our nation since 1973. I believe at least that many more chemical abortions or IUD-induced abortions have occurred during the same period of our history. May God have mercy!

The sin of having an abortion, encouraging someone to have an abortion, or assisting in some way that enables a person to get an abortion are sins that can be forgiven through confession and repentance. THEY NEED TO BE. Abortion is wicked.

I’ve confessed my sin of using abortifacients for birth control. The time came when I (the hold-out) was willing to have all the children God wanted to give my wife and me. He gave us three more, two of whom miscarried. We named them and gave each one a proper burial. We look forward to seeing them in heaven. The one who carried to full term has been and continues to be a wonderful blessing to our nuclear family, church family, extended family and all.

Today I agree with the Bible that children are a blessing from the Lord. I further believe now what I didn’t have faith for in Seminary, that God will provide all that is needed to raise all the children He gives.

Abortion is a grievous sin in our nation. It may be the most grievous one God’s people need to turn from.

If it applies to you, will you turn with me?

Fifty-two Wicked Ways of God’s People

  1. Not receiving all the children God wants to give us
  2. Voting for pro-abortion candidates
  3. Letting the sun go down on our anger (thus giving a place to the Devil)
  4. Unforgiveness (Holding grudges)
  5. Not seeking to be reconciled to a brother or sister