IF MY PEOPLE… A Message to Christians – Part 11


I could hardly believe my eyes.  Two carrots longer than a man’s forearm!  Not as incredulous as one cluster of grapes carried on a pole by two men (see Numbers 13:23), but by far the largest carrots I’d ever seen.  What happened?  Wickedness followed by prayer, confession, repentance, turning from wicked ways and God healing the land in and around the city of Almolonga in Guatemala.

The other produce was prolific as well.  Beets the size of softballs, cauliflower the size of pumpkins, radishes growing to maturity in 25 days instead of 60 or 40.  Farmers paid cash for new Mercedes-Benz trucks. Check it out at Almolonga on You Tube.

When I saw the produce in the documentary “Transformations”, I caught a glimpse of what could happen when God’s people fulfill the conditions in 2 Chronicles 7:14. “If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” Before then, I had a reasonable understanding of what “hear from heaven and will forgive their sin” meant but I had little or no idea what manifestations  of “heal their land” might look like.  With this illumination, something began to stir in my spirit.  Faith and expectancy started rising.  I’ve been musing on it ever since.

The sequel documentary, “Transformations II”, was released.  I was encouraged to learn that in the eastern Arctic area around Baffin Bay where they experienced a special visitation from God in response to earnest intercession, not only did spiritual revival come but there were additional evidences of healing the land.  Caribous herds were repopulated.  The fish population swelled.  Dormant berry bushes began to produce.

A third documentary, “Let The Sea Resound”, chronicles the developments in the Fiji Islands.  Again prayer, confession, repentance and turning from wicked ways (in this instance, following a violent attempted coup) led to revival and transformation of society.  And again, the land was healed.

Dormant trees began to bear fruit prolifically.  Bananas increased in size more than ten times.  Coral reefs sprang back to life.  There was a miraculous influx of fish.  Small fish became whoppers.  A polluted stream was healed instantaneously.  Crabs grew as big as a dinner plate.  Clams could be harvested several times a week instead of maybe once a month.

I’ve been pondering, “What might it look like when God’s people in our nation turn from our wicked ways and God heals our land?”  Undoubtedly there will be revival.  People will be interested in God.  Crime will decrease dramatically.  Joy will be in the air.  There will be more Christians in positions of authority.  It will be okay to say “Merry Christmas.”

Similar things happened during the First and Second Great Awakenings in our nation.  Those were outstanding times in the spiritual history of our nation.  Streets became safe to walk on.  People hummed hymns as they walked. Crime decreased.  Civility increased.  Church attendance mushroomed.  God used both Great Awakenings to prepare our nation which was poised on the brink of The Revolutionary War and then the Civil War.  As dramatic and powerful as the Great Awakenings were, I dare to believe the healing of our land will SURPASS them!


Trees that bear little or no fruit will produce prolifically.  Dying lakes and tired streams will teem with fish.  Fishermen may need to hide behind a tree to bait their hook.  Salt water species will be replenished.  I could gig for flounder again.  Wild game herds will be repopulated.  Carrots will grow longer than a man’s forearm.  Depleted soil will be revitalized.  Farmers will pay cash for combines.

In addition to the foregoing which has anecdotal precedence, I surmise we will experience other amazing developments. Roe v. Wade will be overturned history. Abortion will no longer be legal. Neither will medically-assisted suicide. Divorce lawyers will leave the field to find a second occupation. The Ten Commandments will be memorized in public elementary schools and posted in classrooms and on courthouse walls. God will be feared and honored. Society will be powerfully impacted.

Just as powerful will be the unprecedented redemption of nature in healing the land. It will be at least a partial fulfillment of creation’s hope referred to in Romans 8:19-22. It won’t be the millennium yet but there will be similarities. The peace will be historic.

Orchard and agricultural production will be unparalleled except for that cluster of grapes. All produce will be organic for pesticides and fertilizers won’t be needed.  The price of fresh fruit and vegetables will decline substantially due to the law of supply and demand.  This will allow for healthier eating which will lead to improved health which will lead to fewer hours worked by the medical profession.

I acknowledge my surmising is personal speculation. It’s not been tested and strengthened by peer review though I welcome that. My hope is to get the prospects on Christians’ radar and to stimulate their expectation and desire for what could be when God heals our land.

In the next (and last) part in this series, I will share how each Christian can play a vital role towards the healing of our land.

the end