“The Bathroom Bill and Responsible Republicans”


After Speaker Joe Straus announced Wednesday he was quitting a re-election bid for his home district in Bexar County (TX House District 121), Kelli Ann Busey, Editor of Planet Transgender, lamented, “We will dearly miss you, Joe Straus, you kept us sane, thank you for your service”.

Why did Joseph Straus III quit? No, he didn’t resign from his current office but he’s done with the House. He is effectively quitting his post as Speaker and representative of House District 121 at the end of his term next year and will not run for re-election. Anyone who believes he could best Greg Abbott in the next gubernatorial race is either a Democrat dreamer or RINO in denial. Some political junkies think with almost $10 million in his campaign war chest, he’s eying John Cornyn’s Senate seat. But  a day after his announcement, this is all speculative.

Maybe Speaker Straus will return to promoting and lobbying for gambling in Texas that three generations of Strauses have been championing for decades. An extensive dossier on the Retama Horse Racing Park has exposed the close connection between horse racing para-mutuel gambling in Texas and the Straus family’s involvement in gambling since the 1930s. “Speaker Joe Straus III, whose business interests have included family trusts with ownership of Retama, has a stake in the potential of future expanded gambling.” (Straus/Retama Dossier)

The Retama/Straus story is full of corruption, bankruptcy, a multitude of sleazy people, bad decisions, and dishonest  schemes at taxpayers’ expense.

Straus commented to the media at his press conference that he would be active in the upcoming GOP primaries supporting “responsible Republicans”. What exactly is a responsible Republican?

Are these the type of Republicans who would oppose the conservative Republican agenda affirmed by the Republican Party of Texas at the 2016 state convention? The priorities set by the Governor and Lt. Governor which Straus called a  pile of “horse manure”, much of it torpedoed in the 85th general and special sessions, including the tax reform bill championed by the Governor to reduce property taxes, support for alternative schools for disabled children, banning public funds for abortion providers like Planned Parenthood? If this is “moderate” Republicanism, it is a sham, a fool’s bargain, and verbal legerdemain.  It is something other than what true Republicans value.

Scanning the articles since yesterday after the Straus announcement, “moderate” is the most popular term used to describe Speaker Joe Straus which of course is the muddle-headed media’s snickering put down of many Texans who affirm the guiding principles of the Republican Party of Texas – principles dedicated to the protection of the sanctity of human life from the womb to hospice care, defense of traditional marriage and family life, smaller government, defense of our national borders, state rights, individual liberties, and free market principles.

Straus was the flag bearer in the Texas House for the defeat of the so-called “bathroom” bill. Why do the liberal media gloat over the fact Straus and his surrogates killed the Texas Privacy Bill in  the general and special sessions? At the time he said “I’m not a lawyer, but I am a Texan. I’m disgusted by all this. Tell the lieutenant governor I don’t want the suicide of a single Texan on my hands.”

This is Alice in Wonderland thinking at its worst. According to Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, studies show that enabling persons suffering from gender dysphoria and supporting their physical “transition” by offering treatments including sterilizing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and genital mutilation actually results in “a suicide rate nearly 20 times greater than that of the general population”. (Read further – Transgender Ideology and Large-Scale Child Abuse)

A case ignored by the muddle-headed media was reported earlier this year about Miguel Martinez, a transgender convicted of sexually assaulting a ten year-old girl in Wyoming. (Transgender Convicted of Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl in Bathroom)

A Wyoming jury convicted Miguel Martinez, a transgender,  of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a bathroom.

The girl was invited into the bathroom on March 23 by Martinez.  He touched the girl’s breasts and genitalia before penetrating her, according to reports. The minor told her mother immediately after the assault, who then reported it to the Casper Police Department.

The Texas Privacy Act killed by Joe Straus in the House was the right thing to do to protect the safety and privacy of Texas  girls and women. Senator Lois Kolkhorst, author of the Privacy Act was right,  Joe Straus was wrong.

What were the causes of Speaker Straus’ decision to throw in the towel as Speaker and House representative? I would suggest it wasn’t quite as fun for him during this past 85th session. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is not David Dewhurst. The Governor and Lt. Governor were formidable opponents who were not going to lie down and step aside as Speaker Straus worked his House members over to adopt his priorities. So who were cheering him on? The usual suspects – his Democratic Party backers, his hand-picked subordinate House members, public school and union lobbies, and his adoring fans among the  muddle-headed Press.

Before I rest my case, let’s look at Speaker Straus’s fan mail on his Facebook page where he announced he was not running for re-election. Hundreds had sent him well wishes lamenting his leaving. Many comments could be broken down in these categories – Democrats, Public School monopolists, Anti-Christian zealots, RINOs. Speaker Straus’ support has not been the Republican base in Texas, ordinary God-fearing Texas folk branded as right wing nuts! Some examples:

Diego Bernal (San Antonio City Council sponsor on the NDO (Non-Discrimination Ordinance) and Democrat vice-chair of the House Committee on Public Schools which killed School Choice):

“It has been an honor to serve with you. Thank you for all you’ve done.”

Michael Phariss, co-plaintiff for same sex marriage suit against Texas which cost Texas $600,000 when the state lost the suit defending against two same sex couples who sued and won!

“Best wishes in whatever you decide to do. You will be missed in Austin!”

Kelli Anne Busey (Editor in Chief, Planet Transgender) I am a leftest socialist liberal who deeply admires your integrity Speaker Joe Straus. You will be missed, But you could make us feel a little better by becoming Gov. A lot of people thought I was jumping the gun when I wrote last August that as long as House Speaker Joe Straus was alive, the Bathroom Bill was dead. I meant as long as Straus was politically alive we had hope. As long as Joe Straus was politically viable the extremists bent on killing us had to moderate their legislation hoping to get it past the House…

RO: I am a Democrat and a liberal. But I have appreciated your willingness to work across the aisle on several issues.

NHP: This Democrat has been happy to vote for you four times and will be waiting to see what the future holds for you. Your intelligence and steady guidance will be missed.

NT: I’m a TX Democrat but thank you for working to keep the TX GOP out of the business of policing our public restrooms. My only hope is that you are not replaced in the TX House by a Republican with views that are further to the Right than yours.

GG: I’m sure all the Democrats are grateful for your service and are sad you are leaving.

RRM: I’m a veteran and a Democrat and I’m proud of your service to our state, you will be missed.

EM: Thank you joe straus for your service. We need more good reasonable people such as you in our government. This comes from a lifelong Democrat. God Speed!

DFM: Thank you for being the voice of reason in Austin and for your support of public education! I hope you consider running for a statewide office.

SAL: Thank you for supporting public education.

JC: Thanks for your service but wow!!! I am very afraid for future of Public Ed.

RS: On behalf of myself, my children, grandchildren, and all those in public education thank you for your efforts.

BM (Former director of NEISD):  Thank you for your service. All teachers love you and I hope you will run for Governor. Unfortunately, the mice will play while Joe is away.

EW (Teacher at College Station High School):  As a moderate and an educator, I really hate to see you go. I’m afraid the idiocy of Lt. Dan will win out and our state will suffer.

SM (Richland Middle School):  You just devastated a lot of Texas teachers.

DFC (Special Education Director):   No, you held the line with stopping the agenda against the public schools. We need you.

TH: in the struggle between Pro-Business Conservatives and Religious Nuts, this is a win for the nuts. Sorry to see you go.

LW: No please don’t leave us in the hands of these religious nuts.

LK: Thanks for working your hardest to keep the Christian Taliban at bay. Texas will miss you in office.

JH: I want to thank you particularly for your conduct in the past legislative session. I have zero doubt that transgender Texans would have become second class citizens in their own state.

SF: Please stay in politics. We have not always shared the same view but you stood against the y’all queda faction of the GOP. I am grateful for that.

MG (Professor at Texas Tech U): I am from a long line of moderate republicans (Fiscally conservative, socially progressive). Obviously, the voice of moderate republicans has been essentially silenced by the fundamentalist/racist fringe of the GOP. I see you as one of the very few moderates in Texas. Patrick is fringe as well as most of the other Texas politicians. They fall in line with our idiot President destroying what moderates have tried to achieve over the past 4 decades.

LG: This is terrible news for Texas. I am truly frightened for the future of our state, you were one of the few moderate republicans standing up to extremist ideologues.

PS: Speaker a Strauss, thank you for your service and for standing up to the tea party extremists.

LH: Thank you for your leadership under the onslaught of insults and chaos from the wacko far right. You are a true statesman.

I now rest my case!

the end