The God of Climate Change


It is written, “there will be a time when men will no longer tolerate basic honesty, but with itching ears will seek out and worship any ideological deity that suits their own cravings”. (2 Tim 4-3 paraphrased)

As the twentieth century waned, controversy over global cooling was tearing America apart. Stories depicting a frozen planet were arousing great fear especially among children.

Opportunistic progressives seized on the chaos to introduce their own contemporary theology, the God of “Climate Change”.

The public was overwhelmed with a tidal wave of climate change sermons warning that only by heeding the message of their unholy “Redeemer”, would the world be rescued from a coming planet destroying ice age.

Without a shred of scientific evidence, their perverted mysticism cited man-made pollution as the spawning grounds for the coming world-wide disaster. They used any and every extreme weather occurrence as a harbinger of their dire predictions.

Both Newsweek and Time magazines led the climate change requiem with a continuous barrage of global cooling propaganda. On April 28,1975, Newsweek predicted that polar bears would be roaming the frozen streets of New York City.

To further alarm an already frighten public, Hollywood’s progressives produced movies like “The Day After Tomorrow”, that graphically portrayed the icy demise of the planet.

Environmental wackos, like the Sierra Club, called for outlawing the internal combustion engine, and those who denied their Peter Pan hypothesis were demonized as uneducated sod busters.

The global cooling apostles with all their rhetoric were never able to “excommunicate” El Niño, the fickle climate change “weather brat” who for centuries has bred violent weather, none of which, can be attributed to man-made pollution.

Championing their cause, was Apostle Leonard Nimoy of Star Track fame. Perhaps his role as Spock made him a climate expert?

On October 23, 2006, 31 years after their original article, Newsweek issued a mea culpa, stating “we were spectacularly wrong about the near-term future of the planet”, and that was it. What chutzpah.

After decades of terrifying third graders, the false Global Cooling Deity imploded under its own weight of corruption, but never quite disappeared.

The Deity void was quickly resurrected in 2008 by the Vicar of Global Warming, American President Barack Obama.

Here was a president that utterly despised his country and was willing to concede billions in climate change decisions to a biased United Nations.

Obama and his apostles preached that global warming would melt the polar ice caps and flood every seaport in the world unless their message of “salvation” was obeyed.

Unprincipled global warming “scientists” at the UK’s prestigious University of East Anglia, the world’s Mecca for global climate studies, using the same play book as their dishonest global cooling “scientists” were all looking to line their pockets with millions in bogus climate change grant money.

To further their “unholy” scheme, they purposely deleted sections of a major scientific report that concluded global warming was not the result of man-made carbon emission.

Professor Frederick Seitz, former president of America’s prestigious National Academy of Science called their political dishonesty “outrageous and the most corrupt peer review process I’ve ever witnessed”.

Now, the Johnny-come-lately global warming con men are hyping every extreme weather variance including the recent series of hurricanes as omens of their dire prediction of a french-fried planet. Like always, they fail to accept the fact that Mother Nature is fickle and sometimes mean.

All forms of Christian identity in our public schools and universities is strictly forbidden while the saving grace of the God of Global Warming is preached at every grade level. When it comes to religious freedom, it’s a one-way street, their street.

Al Gore who made hundreds of millions from this fraud predicted without a shred of evidence that by 2016, New York City would be under water. He claimed that his forecast was supported by thousands of global weather scientists. When asked to name just one, his memory melted.

Incidentally, there have been no reports of ocean level increases anywhere in the world. Had there been, progressive media outlets would be preaching doomsday sermons ad nauseum.

No science has ever proved severe weather variances resulted from man-man pollutants. One can only imagine what these end-of-the-world charlatans would have done with Mother Nature’s “Armageddon” dust bowls of the thirties and forties.

Hollywood and the media go out of their way to attack anyone who doesn’t share their climate change religion as an “intellectual oaf”. 

Progressive Professor Richard Parncutt, at Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz In Austria, even recommended capital punishment for the non-believing infidels when he said, “the death penalty is an appropriate punishment for influential global warming deniers”.

Finally, the apostles of climate change chose that esteemed climate scientist, Leonardo DiCaprio of Titanic fame, as their Saint Leo.

Only the election of Donald Trump has brought belief in God back to life.

I rest my case.

William Eckardt is a first generation American and recent Texas resident who has fought to preserve conservative principles. No stranger to politics, he was a twice elected councilman in the city of Hillsdale N.J. A prolific writer, Eckardt has written numerous pro-conservative articles including his prose-style eulogies titled “Remember Nine Eleven” and “Betrayal at Benghazi”. Bill is in the final stages of publishing his first book, “And So It Was” an exciting narrative whose hypothesis is the detonation by terrorists of a nuclear device in a major US city. (Welcome to Texas and the Alamo Editorial Staff, Bill. ed)

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