IF MY PEOPLE… A Message to Christians – Part 12

The straw that broke the camel's back

The straw that broke the camel’s back.  A small thing.  A light thing.  The last thing.  The last straw.

The last straw caused something very negative.  There’s a last something else that can cause something very positive; namely, the last person required to reach the critical mass required to start the process of God healing our land.

God’s requirements and God’s promises are spelled out in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  It’s God’s people who hold the key. When God’s people fulfill His requirements, He will heal our land.  I believe the unfulfilled requirement is for God’s people to “turn from their wicked ways.”  Thus in this series, we have identified and discussed “Fifty-two Wicked Ways of God’s People.”

Basilea Schlink was a Protestant nun who founded the Evangelical Sisterhood of Mary in 1947 in Darmstadt, Germany.  The sisters practiced what I call the “Mirror Principle” to deal with sin.  That term may have originated with them.  I don’t recall.

Whenever the sisters observed sin in someone’s life, they asked the Holy Spirit to reveal that same sin in THEIR life so they could confess it and repent and turn from it.  They “looked in the mirror” so to speak.  I believe that’s an excellent principle for us as God’s people to follow whenever we see any wicked way.

The impact genuine confession and repentance has on God is absolutely astonishing and wonderfully amazing.  We have evidence in the Bible as a strong basis for our hope of God’s healing our land when we make genuine confession and demonstrate sincere repentance.

When the King of the wicked city Nineveh heard the message of the prophet Jonah, he and all the people (and even the animals!) humbled themselves with fasting and being clothed in sackcloth. (See Jonah 3:4-10.)  God saw.  I’m sure He heard the animals bleating and mooing.  And God had mercy when He saw the people turn from their wicked ways.

In 2 Chronicles 12:1-7, when the prophet Shemaiah declared God’s judgement to King Rehoboam and his princes, the king and princes humbled themselves so God did not destroy them.

Also, in 2 Chronicles 15:8-19, when King Asa and the people of Judah sought God earnestly, He let them find Him and He gave them rest on every side (no wars).

And, in 2 Chronicles 19 and 20, King Jehoshaphat charged judges, Levites and priests to carry out their tasks in the fear of the Lord.  When a large army came to war against Judah, King Jehoshaphat led in prayer as all the inhabitants, including infants, were standing before the Lord.  Jahaziel prophesied “the battle is not yours but God’s.”  God won.  The people spent three days collecting the spoil since there was so much.  On the fourth day, they blessed the Lord.  Later they came to Jerusalem and rejoiced at the temple.  God, as He did for King Asa, also gave King Jehoshaphat “rest on all sides.”

In Part 11 of this series, I shared reports of three places in the world where “healing the land” resulted not only in spiritual revival but also terrestrial resurrection.  Carrots grew as long as a man’s forearm in Guatemala.  Caribou herds were repopulated in the eastern tundra around Baffin Bay.  Coral reefs sprang back to life in Fiji.

I postulated that we in the United States will also see a restoration of our depleted soils so fertilizer won’t be needed; that our lakes and streams will teem with fish, barren fruit trees will bear prolifically and depleted fowl and game populations will be repopulated.

I speculated that social transformation will include the overturn of Roe v. Wade, divorce lawyers will find other work, the Ten Commandments will be memorized in public elementary schools.  God will be feared and honored.

All it takes is the critical mass of God’s people who turn from their wicked ways.  That means each Christian can have a part in the healing of our land.  We can follow the “Mirror Principle” and turn from OUR wicked ways.

God alone knows what number constitutes critical mass but we do know whenever another Christian turns from his or her wicked ways, we are one closer to critical mass.

WILL YOU BE A PART OF THE CRITICAL MASS NEEDED TO HEAL OUR LAND?  Will you ask the Holy Spirit to show you your wicked ways so you can confess them as sin and turn from them?

If so, tell God.  And tell other Christians with a similar desire.  Forward this article to them. Give them the website  Click the religion category and read the “If My People” series.

May God give you and our nation “rest on every side”.  May He heal our land!

the end