IF MY PEOPLE… A Message to Christians – Part 13


Revival.  It’s a good word.  It releases joy.  It means fresh life.  Most Christians would be excited and grateful if revival occurred in their church or in their entire city.  I, too, would be grateful for revival but there’s something else beyond revival that I am believing and advocating for.  That something else is TRANSFORMATION.

When transformation takes place in a city like Almolonga in Guatemala or a region like Baffin Bay in the eastern Arctic or in a nation like Fiji, spiritual life is certainly revived.  But society is also changed with decreased crime and restored relationships.  Furthermore, the terrestrial land itself is revived.  So is nature.  Bumper crops are normal.  Fruit trees bear prolifically.  Wild game herds and fish populations get replenished.  Coral reefs spring back to life.  In Part II, in this series, I shared a number of things I’d expect to see if (when) our nation experiences transformation, if God heals our land.

God’s people have the key role in whether or not transformation comes to our nation.  In 2 Chronicles 7:14, God said, “If My people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

Since 1973, when Intercessors For America was founded, there has been what I believe is “unprecedented” prayer for our nation.  IFA also promotes fasting on the first Friday of each month.

I personally have led and participated in several services of repentance and reconciliation.  National Day of Prayer on the first Thursday in May of each year is observed in hundreds if not thousands of communities in our nation.

I believe the most unfulfilled requirement from 2 Chronicles 7:14 is for God’s people to turn from their wicked ways.  In this “IF MY PEOPLE…” series we have identified and listed “Fifty-two Wicked Ways of God’s People” looking through the lenses of the Ten Commandments and of Jesus interaction with the Pharisees.  Undoubtedly more could be listed.  This is a thoughtful start.

As we notice these sins in the lives of others, we want to use the “Mirror Principle”.  Ask God to reveal to us that same sin in our life with the intent and willingness to confess it and to turn from that wicked way.

God’s heart is deeply moved by genuine repentance which means turning away from the (wicked) way one was going.  We see this clearly in the book of Jonah (Chapter 3) and in Chapters 12 and 15 in the book of 2 Chronicles.

As the cadre of God’s people grows who turn from their wicked ways, we get closer to the number that is needed to move God to heal our land.  Will you be numbered in the cadre of God’s people who take action to turn from their wicked ways?  I thank you for your commitment.  Our nation will be indebted to you.

I encourage you to read the other parts in this series.  Go to, click the religion tab and select the “IF MY PEOPLE” articles.  The articles are insightful.  Many of the graphics are great.  Pass the word and the list below to other like-minded people of God.

Let us do our part on the journey to transformation.

“Fifty-two Wicked Ways of God’s People”

  1. Hobbies (Wrong priority)
  2. Work (Short-changing marriage and children)
  3. Pleasure (Gluttony, drugs, entertainment)
  4. Popularity (Fame)
  5. Lover of money
  6. Thinking of ourself more highly than we ought.
  7. Using God’s name irreverently
  8. Hypocritical (Talking the talk but not walking the walk)
  9. Bring dishonor to God’s name by words or actions.
  10. Lack of Compassion
  11. Profaning the Sabbath by treating it like any other day
  12. Forsaking our own assembling together.
  13. Disobedient to parents
  14. Disrespectful of parents
  15. Selfishness (Not cheerfully assisting in times of need)
  16. Not spending time with parents
  17. Not receiving all the children God wants to give us
  18. Voting for pro-abortion candidates
  19. Letting the sun go down on our anger (thus giving a place to the Devil)
  20. Unforgiveness (Holding grudges)
  21. Not seeking to be reconciled to a brother or sister
  22. Sex before marriage
  23. Living together before marriage
  24. Adultery
  25. Pornography
  26. Lusting in our hearts
  27. Wearing immodest clothing
  28. Showcasing sex in advertising
  29. Divorce
  30. Advocating or excusing same-gender sexual relationships
  31. Succumbing to political correctness re: same-gender sexual relationships
  32. Stealing
  33. Not tithing (Robbing God)
  34. Sharing God’s glory
  35. Hiding from helping our family
  36. Cheating on tax return
  37. Living on welfare entitlements when able to work
  38. Telling lies
  39. Exaggerating
  40. Gossip
  41. Not putting the best spin on a person’s words or actions
  42. Murmuring about a spiritual leader
  43. Not protecting a person’s name
  44. Not covering another’s sins with love (1 Peter 4:8)
  45. Not asking the Holy Spirit to show us how we have violated this commandment
  46. Being envious
  47. Being greedy
  48. Being selfish instead of generous
  49. Discontent with God’s provision
  50. Being a lover of money
  51. Living like our life consists in the abundance of our possessions
  52. Thinking we can serve both God and mammon

Gerald Ripley is Pastor of Abundant Life Church in northeast San Antonio.

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