Legends of the Game


Residing in the small rural New York State village of Cooperstown, is the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. To be inducted by one’s peers into the same hallowed halls roamed by the games legends is considered the highest honor a player can receive.

In the realm of presidential politics, all presidents leaving office want their finger prints on history to be enshrined in their own self-appointed Hall of Fame, aka a Presidential Library.

Until 1941, there was no presidential halls of fame, but that changed in June of 1941, when President Franklin Roosevelt formally opened the first presidential library in Hyde Park, New York.  Since then, every succeeding president have followed this practice.

Presidential politics, being a narcissistic profession, has each past president firmly believing that his performance rates him “Hall of Fame” induction as a “Legend of the Game”.

Of the thirteen former presidents since FDR, only the performance of one president has earned him “Legends of the Game” status. That former president is Ronald M. Reagan.

Reagan was a cheerleader for America, and If there was ever a time when America needed cheering, it was when he appeared on the scene.

Reagan took office at a time when the US had just suffered the humiliation of an unprovoked attack on the U.S. Embassy in Tehran by a tin-horn dictator, who for 444 days held 52 innocent Americans as common criminals.

Additionally, America’s military might had been sapped dry, interest rates were soaring and the country and its people were swallowed up by a deep-seeded malaise. America was in big trouble and in dire need of strong leadership.

The US and Russia were facing each other with huge arsenals of inflight and missile launched nuclear weapons systems that Reagan believed could only be defended against with a military strategy of “peace through strength”. That was the bed rock philosophy of his presidency.

Reagan knew that the Soviets were paranoid over any perceived American strategic advantage. Having failed to replicate the B-52, the Soviets took uneasy comfort believing they could match America’s nuclear missile capability.

That comfort faded rapidly when on March 23, 1983, in a nationally televised address on national security, Reagan boldly proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative, an anti-ballistic missile technology that would shield the US against the threat of a Soviet nuclear missile attack. It would also render “MAD”, Mutually Assured Destruction with its obscene human price tag, as obsolete.

Dubbed “Star Wars”, Reagan was lampooned by his critics as a space cadet. Little did anyone realize that in less than 35 years, Star Wars, renamed THAD, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, would be America’s insurance policy against possible nuclear missiles coming from the insane leadership of Iran or North Korea or even the USSR.

The idea of the US having a shield against nuclear missiles drove the Soviets into a frenzy. Reagan was also convinced that any attempt by the Soviets to replicate SDI would wreak havoc on the Russian economy.

His assessment became a fact of life when on June 12, 1987, Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev with his famous “tear down this wall!” speech, calling for the Soviets to tear down the barrier which had divided West and East Berlin since 1961.

Down came the wall and along with it the Soviet economy.

Reagan’s “peace through strength” strategy ransacked the Kremlin’s plans to enslave Europe and more importantly, it put the nuclear Genie back in its bottle.

For this, Ronald Reagan earned himself a place in the hallowed halls of the Presidential Hall of Fame as a “Legend of the Game”.

Conversely, only one president’s performance earned him “Hall of Shame” status, and he did not earn this ignoble title because he:

  • Was the first president in US history who actually disliked his country and never missed an opportunity, especially to foreign audiences to disparaged America as the “bad guys, or
  • Stole billions of tax-payer monies to fund his infrastructure fraud with huge kickbacks to the labor unions, or
  • Lied through his teeth about the cost benefits and coverage of a bogus health care plan, or
  • “Chicken little red line in the sand” lie that created the world’s greatest refugee crisis

No, as egregious as these acts duplicity were, it was his dishonest cover up of the murders by Islamic terrorists of US Ambassador to Libya, Steve Christopher and three other members of the embassy.

For weeks after, this president and key members of his administration kept up the big lie insisting that the hideous incident was spontaneously spawned by a many months’ old noncomplementary anti-Muslimism video.

The fact is, on that terrible night, the stars and stripes took second place, as this President chose to appease the crescent moon of Islam.

Then, having not a tad of remorse, this President, knowing that he abetted in an unspeakable act of treachery, lied in the very faces of the victim’s families as their coffins were being prepared for burial.

It is this “lie of the century”, that dishonors Barack Hussein Obama with the title of “Legend of Shame”.

As usual, I rest my case.

William Eckardt is a recent Texas resident and Alamo Torch contributor who has fought to preserve conservative principles. No stranger to politics, he was a twice elected councilman in the city of Hillsdale N.J. A prolific writer, Eckardt has written numerous pro-conservative articles including his prose-style eulogies titled “Remember Nine Eleven” and “Betrayal at Benghazi”.

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