Death Camps


Someone recently told me that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.

There may be an iota of truth to his words, however, when it comes to life and death the two parties are worlds apart.

Life is God given and is an epoch of expectations and opportunity.

Each one of us is intentionally designed by God to be unique and purposed. Our matchless DNA bears witness to that uniqueness.

God’s plan for life is a time of expectation. It is a time to be born and, a time to die, a time to love and a time to be loved, a time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to win, and a time to lose. It is the opportunity to leave one’s fingerprints on history.

Death on the other hand is irreversible finality, with no opportunity options.

America is all too often and flippantly so, called the United States. Yet, this mighty nation, that twice within a 50-year interval rescued the world from totalitarianism finds itself engaged in an ideological civil war that has body count numbers in the tens of millions.

In one set of trenches is a compassionate Pro-Life army that believe all human life deserves the right of expectation.

In the other trenches is the Liberal Democrat Pro-Choice army who believe they have the right to arbitrarily and unremorsefully impose irreversible finality on human life as it prepares to leave the womb to embark on life’s journey.

Paradoxically, these same pseudo-intellectual elitists oppose capital punishment, yet have no qualms defending convicted murderers and will go to the wall to protect the rights of soulless sub species and their off-spring.

My experience with right to life is very personal. My daughter bore triplets who were born 14 weeks prematurely, each weighing in at one pound and twelve ounces.

Madison died after a ten-day struggle and our family was confronted with a dire prognosis for both Alexander and Mackenzie.

They were about the size of a beany baby, yet even at this premature state they were perfectly formed humans deserving of every right to life.

Today at age 20, both are vibrant college students with the world of expectation at their fingertips.

When it comes to arbitrary murder, the Democrats share the stage of death with Adolph Hitler. His solution to the “Jewish question” was the methodical murder of almost six million “right to life” Jews.

Whereas Hitler’s blood baths were carried out in God forsaken concentration camps by brown shirted SS barbarians, the Democrat “baby question” solution is carried out by white clad abortionists in almost 700 sterile clean Planned Parenthood “death camps”, subsidized to the tune of a half a billion tax-payer dollars annually.

It is difficult to believe that here in the enlightened twenty-first-century, infanticide would be the Democrats final solution to the “baby question”.

But the carnage doesn’t stop there.

Currently in the US there are about 600,000 abortions committed each year including 14,000 ghoulish late term abortions.

Late term abortion is when birth is in progress and the abortionist must “murder” the baby before it leaves the womb.

Despite overwhelming evidence that babies in the womb can feel pain, the suction needle of the abortionist is thrust into the base of the brain and life is sucked away.

It no longer is an ideological difference of Po-Life versus Pro-Choice.  It can only be described as Good versus Evil and Evil is the only way to describe the barbarism of Pro-Choice.

The gruesomeness of this modern-day holocaust was revealed when the veneer of Planned Parenthood was peeled back exposing a sinister Frankenstein-like culture of trafficking the organs and body parts of the very babies they just killed.

Videos of Doctor Deborah Nucatola, Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Research and CEO Cecile Richards were covertly taped in a luncheon setting during which they discussed the harvesting of baby organs and body parts.

In a jocular fashion, they likened the sale of freshly harvested body parts and organs to” buy one get one free” sleazy super market incentives.

In a speech given at the Planned Parenthood National Conference in 2013, abortion proponent President Barack Obama gave this assurance of his support. “I want you to know that you’ve also got a president who’s going to be right there with you, fighting every step of the way”, after which he asked God to bless the work of the death camps.

Contrast that with Mother Teresa’s Comment on the same subject.

“This is why the greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion.”

An attempt by Republicans to defund taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood had every Senate Democrat voting to keep the organs and body parts business thriving.

In the final analysis, the arbitrary denial of the right to life also robs America of future humanitarian giants.

Think for a moment of how different America would be today if Martin Luther King Jr, Billy Graham, Henry Ford, Douglas MacArthur, Jonas Salk, Ronald Reagan, Helen Keller, and Albert Einstein to name a few, were the victims of the abortionist’s needle.

So, when it comes to preserving life other than for an endangered Mohave Desert Gila Monster, the Democrat party is the party of death.

As usual, I rest my case.

William Eckardt is a recent Texas resident and Alamo Torch contributor who has fought to preserve conservative principles. No stranger to politics, he was a twice elected councilman in the city of Hillsdale N.J. A prolific writer, Eckardt has written numerous pro-conservative articles including his prose-style eulogies titled “Remember Nine Eleven” and “Betrayal at Benghazi”.

[There will be a San Antonio Rally for Life Rally on Sunday, January 21st, 2-3 pm,  to commemorate the anniversary of Roe V. Wade. Location: Grassy Area on San Pedro Ave. @ Park North Dr.  Just inside Loop 410 on the West side of San Pedro Ave. Same location as LifeChainSA.  Ed.]

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