My Greatest Fear


Here is my greatest fear. On September 11th, 2001 I watched, as we all did, a thing happening in America that had never happened before as a foreign power struck on American soil.  While most were thinking of revenge I was thinking about the meaning of this event and what it would do to our fragile society… and our fragile economy.  I understood that prosperity in a country like America is a thing that is driven more by the consciousness of the people than by almost any other thing.  In the late 70s, I saw how the foolish leadership of Jimmy Carter caused the nation to fall into a depressed state and how the economy fell with it.  Then I saw how the optimism and values oriented words of Reagan restored American confidence and began rebuilding our economic strength.  In the years following I witnessed how events shaped the consciousness of the American people and how that consciousness directly affected the rise and fall of prosperity.

In the Arthurian legend the land withers with the fallen state of the King and it is the righteous humility, devotion and bravery of Parsifal that restores the King and restores the land.  In the Bible’s books of Kings and Chronicles we see how the nation of Israel rose and fell based on the righteousness and devotion of the people, or the lack thereof.

There is a practical side… and a spiritual side.  There is flesh and there is spirit. America grew from a fledgling set of colonies to the greatest, most powerful nation on earth because of the ideals of liberty and justice.  The optimism that sprang from those ideals empowered the prosperity that America enjoyed for 200 years through wars and internal strife and all sorts of things that, in other lands, with other ideologies, are crushing.  We saw our nation go from the idealism of victory, the triumph over evil at the end of WWII to the empty promise of the cultural revolution of the late 60s… the nation turned and we began to imagine as a nation, in pride, that we are invincible and that we need nothing but our own machinations to create a better world.

Our Government and our society abandoned the notion that God is our strength and that Right is our shield.  And on 9/11 a small band of madmen pierced the veil and brought this nation to its knees.  I stood there watching those twin towers fall, and I thought, this is the consequence of an evil generation.

Now, I could go into talking about the foreign policy we’ve followed in the Middle East… and I could talk about the financial dependency on oil… and the way the entire world is hinged to that dependency.  I could talk about all of the events of our history and the things they represent in providence.  But on 9/11 what I saw was a test.  Not of American strength militarily or any such thing… but of the spirit of America and our prosperity that is dependent on it.  What I’ve seen is certain decline… not able to be repaired by all the efforts of our Government, continuing to follow policies, machinations, self-reliant fantasies of how to “stimulate” the economy through external and man-made mechanisms.

The tax cuts… the stimulus packages… the mortgage bubble… the “revolution, they are all the symbols of our depraved sense of our own might at restoring prosperity.  They are all the symbols of our failure.

In 2008 we saw the election of Barrack Obama… the spectacle of his campaign was shocking for me.  Here he was, an unknown quantity, virtually regarded as the “messiah” whom the American people imagined would rescue us from our own failure.  And that “messiah” created more slavery… more false dependence… more danger and more fragility to our culture.

The consequence of his eight years in office are that we are a people torn in two.  We are more divided racially and certainly far more divided politically.  “A House Divided Can Not Stand.”  The American people need to be united for it to stand.  If this country fragments further, if there is no force that can bind us together, if we continue to fail to see the meaning of the realities we face, we are doomed as a nation.

Cain and Abel made their offerings to God and God accepted Abel’s and rejected Cain’s. Cain killed Abel out of anger and jealousy.  Our nation is divided, and we are on the verge of disaster. Trump’s election was a similar effort, in my view, to find someone, an individual to save our country.  Certainly Mr. Trump has done some great things to address  the economic malaise our country has suffered for these past eight years.

Prosperity is good but we are still facing stark divisions in our culture and our national ideology.  We are still radically divided and that division threatens America.  Division is not the answer.  Unity is the answer.  Winning the blessing and then giving it to Cain is the answer.  Getting on our knees with a towel wrapped around us and washing the feet of our betrayers is the answer. The Spirit of God is the answer.  It is clear that the only hope to save America and really, to save the world, lies in the message and the example of Christ.

We must seek to unite America in a spirit of service and love.  We must demonstrate a standard of righteousness that is extraordinarily uncommon.  We have to bear witness to the only real power that exists. We have to win the crowns of Kings and walk in the shoes of servants.  A great leader is the one who gives more, works harder, is more patient and loving and benevolent, than any of those that follow.  We need an army of great leaders…men and women who are truly righteous in their thinking and in their service.  If we can demonstrate that ideology… we can save America.  That is the only way.

My greatest fear is that we, who are called to be salt and light, will not understand the battle between Good and Evil that we are engaged in by virtue of our calling.  We must become a visible force in this battle.

Michael Hutton is a new contributor to the Alamo Torch. A resident of San Antonio for six years, he is the founder of an organization, Americans United Against Tyranny, working to build a nationwide Patriot Union.  He’s a member of Concordia Lutheran Church in SA, married and have four children. Michael has been actively engaged in many various efforts to promote understanding of the threats of Marxism and Secular Humanism. 

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