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Quick Bytes by George Rodriguez

Cost of Dream Act – The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says the DREAM Act will cost Americans $26.8 billion over the next decade, and that’s just the beginning. The DREAM Act, which would grant lawful permanent residence to some 3.25 million illegal aliens, is being played as a bargaining chip in negotiations over immigration reforms, but it’s no bargain and it punishes American workers. (Report from Immigration

Inconvenient Truth and News Stories – CBS, NBC, Univision and Telemundo conveniently ignored this story of an illegal alien taking 40 people hostage aboard a Chicago-bound Greyhound bus. This is further evidence of how the Mainstream Media manipulates the news to favor their narrative and agenda. Illegal aliens are always portrayed as the victims and rarely as problem to American society. This is why we need alternative media and information sources. The truth will make us free, but if we can’t fight tyranny if we don’t recognize it.

Illegal Alien Crime Figures in Arizona – While the SA Police Chief and City Manager are busy arguing they broke no laws but followed protocols regarding the release of 12 illegal aliens, John Lott from the Crime Prevention Research Center has released a study of illegal alien crime in Arizona.  Lott found that if illegal aliens committed crime nationally as they do in Arizona, in 2016 they would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders, 5,200 rapes, 8,900 robberies, 25,300 aggravated assaults, and 26,900 burglaries. Consider that Texans and Americans.

Please call your senator and congressman and demand the U.S./Mexico border be secured tight.



Trump’s Comment and Third World Reality

The latest fainting spell on the Left has been caused by an alleged vulgarity used by President Trump in describing certain third world countries. He allegedly made the comment during a discussion of a proposed bipartisan DACA deal. Immediately, Illinois Democrat Senator Dick Durbin said it was true, and the Democrats and the liberal Media went into an emotional meltdown. They accused Trump of racism (what’s new?) and said it complicated future talks about immigration legislation (like we didn’t know that was coming).

However, before we pass judgment on Trump and an alleged comment, we should look at America’s immigration policies and problems in conjunction with U.S. foreign aid, and other taxpayer money sent to those Third World countries like Haiti and El Salvador.

For example, the U.S. taxpayer has been Haiti’s largest donor since 1973. According to a State Department Fact Sheet, “U.S. Relations with Haiti”, the United States has made available over $4.7 billion for assistance to Haiti to support life-saving post-disaster relief as well as longer-term recovery, reconstruction, and development programs since the 2010 earthquake.”

It is understandable that the leaders were offended if their countries were described in vulgar terms. But what about the citizens of those countries that here in the U.S. illegally and they were offended? Why are they here if not for their nations being so unproductive, dangerous, and failed states in general?

The Third World suffers because of their own poor social and economic decisions. Some be “ancient cultures”, but they are cultures that do not favor personal political and economic freedom, and thus they do not foster personal growth and development.

I want my money invested in nations that show and give me a positive return. I want to invest in nations that encourage and allow economic growth and political freedom for its citizens, and who are friends to America.

Otherwise, why should I as a US taxpayer give money to failed societies who disrespect my country? Why should I send these nations money, if they keep sending us their poor, and worst, they are NOT good allies or friends?

I also wonder why Democrats and the mainstream Media think it’s a good idea to accept the poor (legally and illegally) of some nations while sending money to those same nations? What is the benefit to American society and the economy if the poorest, most uneducated, and unskilled people come here?

Taxpayers cannot continue to “enable” poverty and corruption in these nations. Foreign aid and immigration policies should be connected, because we should not give money to nations where corrupt governments and despots steal it and misuse it, and then send us their poor.

These Third World nations are demanding Trump explain and apologize for the alleged remark. But I would like an explanation, too.

I want to know why those nations are in such bad shape after billions of MY dollars have been “invested” in them?  I would like for them to give taxpayers an accounting of their spending of our money.

Otherwise, if they are so upset about Trump’s and America’s alleged racism, they should NOT accept our money anymore.

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George Rodriguez is a syndicated writer, commentator, and webcaster; former President of the San Antonio Tea Party. George’s comments can be read on Facebook at El Conservador at his webpage at

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