Feisty Tejana Takes On Will Hurd

Meet Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch, a fifth generation Tejana who is challenging U.S. Representative Will Hurd for the District 23 seat. In a phone interview she said “I’m a constitutional conservative, a Christian and I’m running to restore traditional family values and the rule of law,  values our District 23 embody. After watching the long list of anti-Republican Party platform votes from the incumbent, it was impossible for me to remain silent.

Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch (Dr. Alma for short) grew up as a poor Tejana migrant farm worker. She was born and raised in Texas and lived in the state her entire life with the exception of her service as a Dental Director in community centers in both Washington State and Texas and professional work in Georgia. She’s lived in Starr, El Paso, Zapata, Hidalgo, and Uvalde counties.

She graduated cum laude from Pan American University with a double degree in Pre-Med/Secondary Education. Later, she graduated from UTHSC Houston Dental School and was chosen to attend research program in infectious diseases at Tulane University. She currently has a private dental practice and has had a front row seat dealing first hand with the Obamacare disaster.

According to Dr. Alma in her written responses and phone interview with the writer, she and her late husband  “endured many hardships as he served along the border from El Paso to the Rio Grande Valley as a Federal narcotics agent with U.S. Customs. As a rancher in Uvalde County, I also relate well to the primarily rural areas of CD 23 and intend to promote the beef, produce, and oil industries in foreign markets. I am also a proud Mother of three Aggies.”

Because of the geographical boundaries of District 23 encompassing a sprawling rural area, Dr. Arrendondo-Lynch is focused on representing the ranching and farming industry:

I own a ranch and have horses, longhorn steers, chickens and turkeys. I plow and plant Sudan sorghum in the spring and winter rye and/or hay grazer in the fall. An industrious individual must not be denied the fruits of their labor via overreaching government regulations and seizure of private property such as eminent domain. National security and immigration issues all affect property rights when lawlessness prevents hardworking citizens from enjoying their land.

Dr. Alma’s priorities as U.S. Representative of District 23 are clearly articulated on her campaign website:

  • Protecting the sanctity of the unborn clearly affirming that life begins at the time of conception and marriage is between a man and a woman.
  • Improving public education (she is a certified High School Educator in the subjects of Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Sciences) while promoting educational choice to liberate parents and students from failing schools.  Expanding vocational/technical education to augment traditional university education and public schools
  • Reforming immigration laws, offering a better informed plan on vetting incoming immigrants, promoting a free-market economy and a minimum of government regulation
  • Defending Texas’ 1oth amendment rights (states’ rights) against the overreach of the federal government
  • Promoting Texas oil and gas resources and economic competitiveness
  • Increasing border protection and security resources
  • Protecting property rights
  • Promoting free-market healthcare across state lines to help lower insurance premiums
  • Defending Texans’ right to bear and carry arms
  • Supporting law enforcement and first responders who are the first defense against tyranny and violence at the border.

Dr.  Alma also conveyed in the interview that “she is a strong and proud Tejana who is living the American dream as a result of lifestyle choices afforded me by this great country because as President Trump says ‘Americans are dreamers too‘”.

She pledged that she will never support the funding of Planned Parenthood while her opponent,  incumbent Will Hurd, was the ONLY Texas Republican to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood (AHCA) in opposition to Texas GOP Platform, Plank 92.

Questioned about one or two political or legislative issues of most concern to her, she responded that her number one issue is the “rule of Law and protecting our Second Amendment rights which is essential to securing the First Amendment. America First is the primary role of government, which involves protecting American citizens over illegal aliens, building the wall where feasible, and ending lottery and chain migration. Without borders there is no country. Legal immigration through assimilation as Americans ensures all our other rights”.

I asked her if she believes that candidates should sign a pledge to support their political party’s platform?  She said, “Absolutely! Enough with these imbedded Democrats in the Republican Party – it has gone beyond RINOS. This is the only way the party can and should hold the candidates accountable. This is the primary reason I am running – to protect the values as stated in the Republican Party Platform which the incumbent (Will Hurd) has primarily disregarded.

Dr. Alma Arredondo-Lynch’s challenge in the District 23 race is a classic David vs. Goliath fight. Hurd as of the end of 2017 has amassed over $1.7 million in his campaign war chest and he continues to raise money. He is tied to Speaker Joe Straus and his network of wealthy establishment Republican donors. A fundraiser for Hurd is scheduled in San Antonio with Straus as a special guest speaker at the home of AnaPaula and Mark Watson III on February 20th.

The Hurd “dissatisfaction meter” is pointing in the deep red zone according to conservative Republican voters and politically informed organizations in the district and all over the state. The San Antonio Tea Party has recently endorsed Dr. Alma as well as Tea Party coalition leader, JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America. Texas Values Action, a conservative statewide political action committee (PAC) has given Dr. Alma their top conservative voter guide rating. Conservative San Antonio PACs, Texas Leadership Institute for Public Advocacy and Pastors PAC have endorsed Dr. Alma. Social media is ablaze with postings on the betrayal of incumbent Hurd opposing and obstructing the conservative agenda of the Republican Party and Republican Party of Texas (RPT).

Some postings are calling for an official censure of Hurd invoking the RPT’s Rule 44 which was successfully ratified by the state Republican executive committee last month against Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.

U.S. Representative Will Hurd has received an “F” rating (46%)  in his performance during the 114th Congressional session by Heritage Action, a conservative watchdog group in Washington and by the  Conservative Review (28%). He has the lowest Heritage Action rating among the Texas’ congressional delegation in Washington. Republican activists are upset with his presence at the border with Democrat activists linking arms to protest the building of a border wall.

Hurd is a member of the Republican Main Street Partnership. “The Main Street Partnership has allied with other moderate Republican groups, including pro-abortion Christine Todd Whitman’s  It’s My Party Too, Ann Stone’s Republicans for Choice, the Log Cabin Republicans, the Republican Majority For Choice, The Wish List, Republicans for Environmental Protection, the Mainstream Republicans of Washington. (Wikipedia/Will Hurd)

Another report has been circulating about Will Hurd’s voting record that Alamo Torch readers should be aware of. I’ve seen these issues reported by a number of concerned voters in District 23:

Representative Hurd was the only Texas Republican to vote against the repeal and replacement of Obamacare (AHCA) in opposition to the Texas GOP Platform, Plank 113.

Hurd was the only Texas Republican to vote in favor of promoting neutral gender identity as part of President Obama’s transgender agenda (i.e. men in women’s bathrooms and showers) in opposition to the Texas GOP Platform, Plank 87.

He was the only Texas Republican to vote against defunding Planned Parenthood in opposition to the Texas GOP Platform, Plank 92.

He was the only Texas Republican to vote in opposition to President Trump’s military transgender ban in opposition to Texas GOP Platform, Plank 87.

Hurd was one of two Texas Republican Congressmen who signed a letter to Paul Ryan asking for amnesty for DACA recipients in opposition to the Texas GOP Platform, Plank 259.


Hurd protested President Trump’s proposed border wall by posing arm in arm with Democrat leaders on the International Bridge in opposition to the Texas GOP Platform, Plank 256.  He attended a  protest rally at the International Bridge between Mexico’s Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila and Del Rio, Texas with Democratic Party leaders on March 27th last year. Hurd and Democrat Texas State Rep. Joaquin Castro both spoke on the bridge. One paper reported the rally came on the heels of Hurd’s road trip with El Paso Democrat Congressman Beto O’Rourke.   (Congressmen Hurd, Castro Join Border Rally Against Trump’s Wall)

Dr. Alma Arrendondo-Lynch is the clear choice for Texas Republicans in Bexar County who want to see authentic Republican representatives in federal, state, and municipal offices who consistently support the principles of the Republican Party and the state platform.

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Vote March 6, 2018!

[The views expressed in this article are those of the editor of the Alamo Torch, Phil Sevilla, who is also the President of TLIPA.]