LULAC versus America?


The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is immersed in a controversy, largely ignored by the local news media, with long term consequences for liberty and economic prosperity.  With almost 145,000 members and chapters across the country, LULAC claims to be the nation’s largest and oldest civil rights organization. It was founded by military veterans with the aim of integrating Hispanics, primarily Mexican Americans into the American middle class.

For the most part LULAC focused on education and avoided the excesses and polarization of the left leaning civil rights movement of the 1960’s.  LULAC’s early leaders were traditional American patriots who loved the flag and were eager to embrace the American culture and ethos.  They sought to overcome age old hostility between Mexico and the United States by demonstrating that Hispanics of whatever background are fully American in the same way that immigrants from Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Eastern Europe were fully American.

LULAC’s approach did not sit well with the evolving civil rights movement, which emphasized endless grievances and more recently directed its ire on all things historically American, not excluding our nation’s Anglo-American, Western European, and Christian heritage.  The latest round in this ongoing battle centers on a letter sent by Roger Rocha, President of LULAC to President Trump on January 28, 2018.

The letter is posted on the Alamo Torch website and is worth reading.  Rocha responded to President Trump’s offer to compromise with Democrats on immigration reform by thanking him for reaching out and in return acknowledging that the President’s four pillars of reform “are items that LULAC can support if they remain within the current framework you have proposed.”  He added that “now is the time to move this country forward and what you have proposed will continue to keep the moment of progress on its proper trajectory.”

President Trump’s four pillars of reform included border security, DACA legalization, limitation on chain migration, and elimination of the lottery and repurpose visas.  Most conservatives were alarmed by these concessions. However they understood that many Republicans in Congress had a greater loyalty to the open borders donor class than to their constituents and therefore compromise would be necessary for any hope of immigration reform.

President Rocha acknowledged the same reality and understood the importance of respecting the President’s offer and resolve, at least temporarily, a divisive issue within the Hispanic community, and worse, an issue that threatened to cast Hispanics as disloyal citizens in the eyes of their fellow citizens.

The response from the liberal establishment was swift and brutal.  Condemnations spread on social media and worked their way into a receptive national press.  Within days conspirators convened a telephone conference, possibly in violation of LULAC national charter and bylaws, and purported to remove Rocha as President.  This extraordinary move prompted Rocha to file suit to dispute this action which was clearly inappropriate as elections will take place in July for a new LULAC President.

LULAC’s internal affairs may be of little interest to non-members. However the conspirator’s actions should concern all civic minded Americans.  Hispanics, especially in Texas, have not gone along with the liberal establishment’s attempt to add them to their Rainbow Coalition of hatred and contempt for the American nation.  Roger Rocha is a Laredo native, and through personal experience, understands the superiority of the American way of life as compared to his neighbors in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.  He is concerned for Hispanic Americans and their role in a society he clearly loves and enjoys.

This attitude doesn’t sit well with the liberal establishment. They want open borders, welfare and voter’s registration cards for as many illegal immigrants as possible.  Liberals have no interest in Hispanics born and raised in this country, preferring illegal immigrants with no ties to America or its culture.  The liberals only interest in third world immigration is to add voters to their Rainbow Coalition.  They use like-minded federal judges to bring them to our country, give them benefits and preferences courtesy of the native born, and finally hand them voters registration cards so they can vote the Democrats into a permanent political majority nationwide, a scenario they have accomplished in California.

The Democrats have embraced this strategy and have double-down their Rainbow Coalition of disgruntled interest groups exacerbating alleged racial, cultural, and sexual grievances in a cynical effort to seize perpetual power in Washington, DC.  Hispanics are a key constituency and heretofore they’ve been hard to corral into their coalition.  It isn’t hard to see why.

Imagine going to an African-American political organization and telling them that your plan to advance their community is based on bringing in more immigrants from Nigeria.  The response would be an overwhelming condemnation along the lines “how is that going to benefit us?”  Yet that’s the message Democrats are presenting to Hispanics, and they need to capture LULAC’s national reputation to help sell this preposterous idea.

Immigration isn’t the only issue that the Democrats want to sell to Hispanics. Opposition to Roger Rocha is led by one Robert Salcido, President of LULAC chapter 22198, Orgullo de San Antonio “one of ten LGBTQ chapters nationally that focuses on issues impacting the LGBTQ Latino community.”  Their goal is to persuade Hispanics to subordinate their successful integration into the American mainstream to the interests of foreigners and homosexuals.

President Rocha’s removal will further undermine and perhaps permanently derail the agenda set out by President Trump and Governor Abbott of economic prosperity and jobs for all Americans.  This latter agenda is the only one that promises a firm future for all Americans, Hispanics included.  LULAC members would be well advised to reelect President Rocha at their July Annual meeting and remove leftist activists opposed to his agenda.

Don Pacifico is an attorney with over thirty years of experience in the politics of Texas Water.

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