Quick Bytes – 2/1/2018

Quick Bytes by George Rodriguez


It appears the border is wide open again – The so-called “Trump Effect”, the illegal aliens’ newfound fear of being caught and deported by the new Trump Administration, faded and ended. Legal and policy loopholes at America’s southern border are spurring a renewed influx of illegal migrants. After a steady decline in apprehensions, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reports that arrests are climbing again. It appears the illegal immigration problem is back to square one, with large numbers of illegal aliens pouring across the border and being released by administrative judge. These released illegal aliens very rarely return or are located.

ICE Head Criticizes Sanctuary Cities Politicians – Speaking at a Border Security Expo in San Antonio on Wednesday Jan. 31, acting ICE Director Thomas Homan said “sanctuary jurisdictions” don’t even protect illegal aliens. He called out “smoke and mirror politicians,” saying that sanctuary policies endanger the public and law-enforcement officers. He also said sanctuary locales that refuse to cooperate with immigration agents are effectively “bankrolling criminal organizations” that traffic in guns, drugs and human beings.


It says a lot when the liberal/leftist San Antonio Express News (SAEN) defends a high paid bureaucrat, but it is really telling when the SAEN ignores a bigger story about a that bureaucrat’s attempts to influence or even silence the criticism.

On Friday, January 26, Brian Chasnoff of the SAEN wrote an opinion piece about KTSA’s Sean Rima and his criticism of SA city manager Sheryl Sculley’s high salary and bonus. Chasnoff called Rima, KTSA, and listeners “trolls” that should be ignored.

Why? Apparently, SA city officials called the news-talk station KTSA-AM and complained about Rima’s show in which he mocked Sculley’s $425,000 salary and $75,000 bonus. Chasnoff says they should have ignored Rima and friends because they are “sexists”.

But Chasnoff and the SAEN, who have long been assumed to be the voice of the SA/Bexar Establishment, ignored the real story. Can you say government censorship or at least, attempted government censorship?

On Thursday, January 25, Jeff Coyle, the SA city’s director of public affairs, called the news-talk station to complain about Rima’s initial critical segment of city manager Sculley. Can you imagine…the nerve of free people to criticize a public servant/city manager?

Coyle called the station’s news director to express his outrage. He told Chasnoff, “We listened to the broadcast. He calls her (Sculley) a ‘high-maintenance broad.”

Chasnoff was also upset that Rima referenced Sculley’s salary, and described her as, “that chick Tina Turner played in ‘Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.”  How dare Rima, or anyone, mock the half-million-dollar bureaucrat queen.

Surprisingly, Chasnoff himself knows about Sculley’s vengeful reactions. He writes about her anger at a joke Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff (an Establishment ally) made in Commissioners’ Court about her salary.

Chasnoff writes, “Sculley made a volley of calls, prompting more calls to Wolff, who eventually penned a sort of apology to the city manager in a fawning letter to the mayor about her accomplishments.” Apparently that’s how Sculley plays her game; don’t criticize the queen or you will receive an angry backlash, that she orchestrates, from her admirers.

It is outrageous and even dangerous when a government (federal, state or local) tries to influence or even silence its critics. It is even worse when the press sympathizes with the bureaucrats against free speech.

Many conservatives and free thinking people in San Antonio have long regarded the SAEN as a “propaganda rag” for the powerful, leftist, and elitist Establishment. They have supported street cars, public subsidizing of downtown redevelopment, Planned Parenthood, protecting illegal aliens, and short cuts in municipal procedures that benefit their agenda. At the same time, they have ignored issues and candidates that the Establishment opposes.

However, there is a silver lining in this story. First, KTSA stood its ground behind Rima and his show. No high paid bureaucrat/public servant should be off limits from public criticism and accountability. Second, social media now allows more citizens and voters to learn about the “local tyranny” even if they don’t read the SAEN, or hear their version.

The First Amendment allows us to analyze and criticize elected leaders and bureaucrats, especially those receiving an annual salary of almost $500,000 and who seem to be aloof and unaccountable to the citizens and voters.


We would like to propose that the city of San Antonio declare itself a “sanctuary city” for the unborn citizens who conceived without their consent and by no action or decision of their own…but who are under the threat of death because of an unjust law that is the result of judicial activism rather than the will of the people.

We should establish this “Sanctuary City for the Unborn” to help these unborn but living persons realize their potential as citizens.

The city government should ignore and/or minimize cooperation with government programs that seek to kill these unborn citizens.

The city government should encourage the birth and nurturing of young new citizens rather than their annihilation and destruction.

These unborn but living citizens should be able to pursue personal and individual development without the threat of death before they are even born, and be allowed to fully participate in American society as citizens. They should be embraced as part of our community, and we should recognize their capacity to contribute to our economy and society, if they are protected and allowed the right to be born.

Out of concern for these unborn citizens, we should call on local city and county officials to protect these unborn but living citizens by creating a sanctuary city for the unborn.

George Rodriguez is a syndicated writer, commentator, and webcaster; former President of the San Antonio Tea Party. George’s comments can be read on Facebook at El Conservador at his webpage at

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