Quick Bytes – 2/11/2018

Quick Bytes by George Rodriguez


In another quiet effort to create a socialist system in the city of San Antonio, the mayor and city council are preparing to institute a major change in contracting policy which could negatively impact local businesses. The proposal is called the “Labor Peace Agreement” (LPA) will require a private entity to enter into an agreement with a labor organization as a condition of a receiving a city contract.

It is yet another example of the lack of transparency by the leftist/liberal city government because this LPA was added to the request for proposal (RFP) without any public hearings or discussion. That action clearly shows the fear of public reaction and the deceitfulness of the city government toward the citizens and taxpayers.

On January 18, 2018, the City issued a RFP for concessions at the airport. The new and disturbing element to that RFP is the LPA provision, which includes a provision requiring the winning concessionaire to implement a labor peace agreement with its employees. (Read related article)

This LPA will clearly impact on small and medium size businesses who compete for city funded contracts. The LPA clause in this RFP will cause local companies to feel pressured to unionize which is a Democrat/socialist goal. It will also set a precedent for policies to be changed without public input.

Typical of proponents of socialist economics, the mayor, city council and city manager want to redistribute the wealth through labor unions. However, the only ones who truly profit from these types of policies are big businesses who are politically connected.

This is another result of the low conservative turn out in the last municipal election that brought the liberal/leftist mayor and city council to power. Recently elected District 9 Councilman John Courage is one of the leading proponents of this union-friendly provision.

San Antonio citizens and taxpayers need to become aware to the quiet and relentless growth of crony socialism in the city government. Remember, the defense of political and economic freedom and liberty starts in your back yard, at city hall, and they should speak out loud and strong.



Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has endorsed Chris Fails for state representative House District 122 over Lyle Larson in the Republican primary as the grassroots conservative rebellion continues to grow in Bexar County.

Larson has been viewed as a “Straus lieutenant” because of his lifelong and support for the former speaker. He also has been criticized by many grassroots conservatives because of close relationship to (RINO) Cong. Will Hurd.

There have been other questions raised about Larson’s ethics such as his silence when his chief of staff, Lynlie Wallace, ran for city council. When it was discovered Wallace didn’t live in the district she was running for, many people asked if Larson didn’t know where she lived even though she had worked for him for time, or did he just ignore the problem?

On the other hand, Chris Fails, current mayor of Hollywood Park, is a solid grassroots conservative who is pro-life, pro-family, pro-2nd amendment, pro-school vouchers, and anti-illegal immigration/pro-border security. As a mayor and a businessman, he also wants to address the high property tax issues.

Importantly, Fails is not a “professional politician” who views elections as interviews to higher paying jobs and politics as a career. He is a conservative grassroots citizen who has always worked hard for a pay check.

It is also important for voters to recognize that Fails will respect the state Republican Party platform, which he uses as his campaign platform for running. His positions are those outlined in state GOP party platform.

San Antonio, Bexar County, and Texas need Chris Fails in Austin to stop cities from eroding the personal freedom and liberty of citizens. The City of San Antonio has the most liberal mayor and city council in its history, and taxpayers and citizens in San Antonio need someone who will protect them from city government’s overreach.

Chris Fails needs your vote. Pass the word.

George Rodriguez is a syndicated writer, commentator, and webcaster; former President of the San Antonio Tea Party. George’s comments can be read on Facebook at El Conservador at his webpage at

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