The Tragedy of Embracing LGBT Ideology: A Mother’s Cautionary Tale


Rev. Pierre Bynum, Chaplain & National Prayer Director for the Family Research Council, published a prayer alert last week which contained the following heartbreaking letter from the mother of a girl who fell victim to militant LGBT advocacy.  This story, which is becoming increasingly common in America, is the direct consequence of misfeasance by government officials and health care professionals who lack the courage to stand up to the LGBT lobby and instead lend their support to leftist extremism.

My daughter, [name withheld], at age 14, spontaneously decided she is actually a male (suffering from a condition coined, “Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria”). Her decision came about shortly after being educated about LGBTQ issues in school. Her personality changed almost overnight, and she went from being a sweet, loving Christian girl to a foul-mouthed “pansexual male.”

At first, I thought she was just going through a phase, due to her age, as well as transgender issues being all the rage. However, the more I tried to talk sense into her, the more she dug her heels in. I tried counseling but counselors only reaffirmed her delusion that she is actually male and told me that I needed to accept this.

Around this time, I came to realize that she fits the criteria for [an autism spectrum disorder]. Yet mental health professionals instead diagnosed her with [another condition] and wanted to put her on [potentially addictive medication]. I declined. They seemed to mainly only be interested in helping her process her new identity as a male and to get me to accept the fact that my daughter is actually my son.

At age 16, [my daughter] ran away and reported to the Department of Child Services that she felt unsafe living with me because I refused to refer to her using male pronouns nor would I address her by her chosen male names [which did not stay the same]. Child Protective Services investigated and found no abuse or neglect on my part. In fact, they found she was well cared for.

However, DCS forced me to meet with a female-male transgender individual to “educate” me on transgender issues, and told me that I needed to acknowledge that my daughter is male. Shortly thereafter, without my consent, [my daughter] started injecting herself with testosterone (this was something I discovered at a later date).

[My daughter] took off from [our city] to [a city in another state]. There was nothing I could do to stop her. In [this other city], at the age of 17, without my consent or even knowledge, she was able to change her name/gender in court, obtain Medicaid, get a double mastectomy, and a radical hysterectomy.

Her father had and still has her covered under [private health insurance], yet when he notified the [other] State . . . with this information, they refused to accept the insurance information because he was not “on the case.” I notified the governor’s office in [the other state] and they also declined to take any action. Why does Medicaid cover elective surgeries, period, but especially for children? Why would a child covered under parent’s insurance be able to obtain Medicaid?

The level of heartbreak and rage I am experiencing, as a mother, is indescribable.

[In some] states, an adult having sex with someone under age 18 is a crime… Yet, in [this other state], a child age 15 or older can consent to what amounts to mutilation, by so-called doctors, who are actually butchering children. Why does the law allow children to make life altering medical decisions [without parental knowledge or permission]?

If a group of terrorists was kidnapping our teenage daughters, cutting their breasts off, injecting them with testosterone, and removing all of their female organs, would there not be absolute OUTRAGE in society? As a society, we are outraged about female circumcision, so why is it that these butchers, disguised as doctors, who took an oath to first do no harm, are legally allowed to mutilate our children?

I believe that when my daughter’s brain fully develops, she will regret her decision to transition, which should never have even been an option. I did not lose a daughter and gain a son. Instead, my once beautiful, healthy daughter is now my mutilated daughter, who has been given a life sentence.

As a grieving mother, I cannot and will not remain silent about the atrocities committed against my daughter, by “professional” adults she trusted to help her. I will not stand by and remain silent while the United States Government funds and sanctions the transgender indoctrination and mutilation of our precious children. I cry out to good people everywhere to speak up, stand up, reach out, and fight back. The future of our children depends on it.

Parents have a God-given responsibility to protect their children spiritually and physically and to bring them up in the “nurture and admonition of the Lord.” This is a Divine mandate. Yet the Obama administration pushed the radical LGBT agenda on the American people in total disregard for parents of children and teens. Among his egregious initiatives were three federal mandates:

1) The “HHS Transgender Mandate,” which required doctors and medical facilities to perform sex-change operations (struck down by the courts);

2) The DOD “Transgender Military Mandate” to open recruiting to those who identify as transgender to serve in the military, obligate taxpayers to pay for sex-change operations and therapies, and indoctrinate the armed services, taking precious time away from war-fighting training and battlefield readiness, which President Trump reversed but a Federal Court barred; and

3) The DOE/DOJ “Transgender Bathroom Mandate,” which threatened withdrawal of federal funds from public school systems unwilling to allow children who identified as transgender to use the restrooms, locker rooms, shower facilities, etc. reserved for persons of the opposite biological sex.

Regarding the third mandate, many public school systems across the U.S. complied immediately, despite parental protest. Fortunately, the Trump administration repealed the mandate. Yet, in many jurisdictions these mandates remain in force, and without federal force, activists continue to enact such policies, despite persistent public protest. If we fail as a people to prevent and/or overturn these policies with God’s help, what happened to the mom and daughter in the heart-breaking testimony above will become commonplace (Eph 5:14).

Chaplain. Rev. Pierre Bynum serves as Chaplain and National Prayer Director for Family Research Council, working with FRC’s President, Tony Perkins and Vice President for Church Ministries. This article first appeared in Family Research Council’s website on February 14th.

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