Trump-o-Mania is a new but very rare disease that turns the mind into a dishonest bowl of rancid mush. Effecting only Democrats and the liberal media, Trump-O-Mania became epidemic with Donald  Trump’s unthinkable victory.

The dishonest element of Trump-O-Mania first appeared when Hillary together with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, aka blabber mouth, illegally stole the Democratic Party nomination from socialist Bernie Sanders.

During the presidential election the main stream media revealed their strain of Trump-O-Mania when they shielded her disastrous performance as Secretary of State, including her role in abetting the Benghazi murders.

And thanks to James Comey’s case of Trump-O-Mania, she was never prosecuted for her illegal use of a private email server the classified contents of which was shared with Hillary’s significant other, Huma Abedin and her pervert husband, Anthony Weiner.

Perversion was never a factor with Hillary. After all she too was married to a pervert.

Even with this baggage hanging around her neck, Hillary viewed Donald Trump as a political novice and the perfect opponent. She believed that his verbose, in your face style of campaigning during the Republican primaries had turned the female vote against him, making her the odds-on favorite to win the presidency.

Thinking the election was in the bag, she avoided running on issues feeling secure with a campaign theme of becoming the first woman president.

The strategy failed and the incomparable fact that a political nobody beat her handily sent both the Democrats and their media partners into a seething Trump-O-Mania rage.

By hook or by CROOK, the Dems and their media allies determined to change the election outcome.

First by challenging the vote count in hotly contested states which failed.

Then they attempted to coerce electoral college delegates to ignore the rules (cheating is something Democrats are good at) and cast their Trump delegate ballots for Hillary and that failed.

Then came the bogus Russian collusion and dossier capers charging that Trump was personally involved in a conspiracy with Vladimir Putin to rig the election in Trump’s favor.

We now know that early on former community organizer Barack Obama was the White House quisling in the Russian election scandal.

As an aside though, can you imagine frumpy Hillary in her worn out green baggy pants suit dealing with Putin? He would have made borsch of her for breakfast.

Next, to the shame of the Republican leadership, they let Obama off the hook by ceding to media pressure with the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel with Trump as the Election-Gate target.

Mueller’s inquisition team is loaded with hack Democratic lawyers all of whom have donated money to Democratic causes.

Since his appointment almost a year ago, Mueller and his den of thieves’ aka “Democratic Ambulance Chasers” have racked up a $5 million tab running around chasing their own tails finding nada, zilch, zero, not even a parking ticket.  This while Hillary Clinton gets away with sharing confidential secrets with any Russian hacker worth his salt.

Anyone believing that Mueller would treat Trump fairly and objectively would also have to believe in the tooth fairy.

Next in line was racism, the card Dems always have up their sleeves when they have nothing else.

Unable to cite any personal racial biases by Trump, they leaped all over his executive order barring all people hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen from entering the US until very stringent vetting procedures are in place.

These are breeding ground countries for the terrorists killing Americans every few weeks.

Trump’s executive order had nothing to do with race, religion, or skin color. It was invoked for the protection of American citizens.

As president, Trump vowed to defend the nation and its citizens against all enemies foreign and domestic, something to which Obama only gave lip service to.

To Democrats, millions of unvetted illegal aliens represent a government dependent voting block to exploit the same way Democrats have kept the black voting bloc in political enslavement.

When that antic failed, “Iimpeach him, impeach him” suddenly became chic among the Trump-O-Mania Dems who would settle for nothing less than Trump’s political scalp.

Trump then would be the first duly elected president to be confronted with impeachment proceedings based solely on malign gossip, third party innuendos, phantom mainstream news sources, and a party with a seething hatred of his victory over Hillary Clinton.

Impeaching a president requires that he or she must first be convicted of Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors, none of which President Trump has been convicted of except by the Trump–O Mania news media and especially Democrat Congressman Al Green of Texas.

On December 6, 2017, Congressman Green along with the support of the entire RACIST Congressional Black Caucus chose to initiate impeachment articles against President Trump.

Green charged that Trump has undermined the integrity of his office and has sown discord among the people of the United States.

He went on, “President Trump is an alt-right hate machine that’s causing immediate injury to American society.”

I guess Green hasn’t heard that Trump’s policies’ have produced:

  • Unemployment at 4.3% lowest in 16 years, while
  • Employment is up by over 1.2 million, and
  • Overseas jobs are returning by the thousands, and
  • Soaring Black & Hispanic employment rates, something you’d think he would cheer about. But not this phony, and
  • The Dow Jones in outer space, just to a mention a few.

With the collusion lark in quicksand, Dems resorted to childish cheap shot nitpicking, like:

  • By ESP they questioned the professional reputation of Surgeon General Dr. Ronald Jackson for his glowing report on Trump’s health (by the way, Jackson was an Obama appointment)
  • Claiming Trump drinks too many diet cokes
  • Implying Trump is bordering on mental instability
  • Trump is overweight and hiding heart disease

Regarding the health of a candidate, who can forget how the Dems tried to hide Hillary’s famous collapse as trivial by taking her to Chelsea’s apartment rather than to a hospital where her issue would become public knowledge.

Then there was racist David Dukes, a seventy-year old former Ku Klux Klan Wizard who (unsolicited of course) told the media that he voted for Trump.

Additionally, the KKK’s newspaper, the Crusader, again unsolicited, supported President Trump which set off a category 5 media hurricane accusing Trump of being a white supremacist.

Yet, you NEVER heard a peep from the Dems or their media lackeys of Obama’s 20-year love affair with Rev. Jerimiah Wright, America’s number one racist and Jew hater.

They were also silent about Obama’s endorsement of Black Panther national field marshal King Samir Shabazz, founder of the Black Panther Party Self-Defense, a black paramilitary supremacist type militia.

Wright hated Jews and damned the United States from his corrupt pulpit.  Instead of wearing a hood and burning a cross, Wright sanctimoniously wore a black robe that in comparison, makes David Duke look like the Easter Bunny.

And then there was the State of the Union speech during which the entire Democratic Party demonstrated what boorish jerks they are, like:

  • Nancy Pelosi spending the entire speech rearranging her dentures, and
  • Chucky Schumer looking like he was sucking on a lemon, and
  • Racist Al Green and the racist Black Caucus sitting on their hands while the rest of the audience applauded our service men and women.
  • Now we hear that former Vice President Biden aka “old foot in mouth Joe” is pondering a White House run in 2020. What hutzpah.

As usual, I rest my case.

William Eckardt is a recent Texas resident and Alamo Torch contributor who has fought to preserve conservative principles. No stranger to politics, he was a twice elected councilman in the city of Hillsdale N.J. A prolific writer, Eckardt has written numerous pro-conservative articles including his prose-style eulogies titled “Remember Nine Eleven” and “Betrayal at Benghazi”.

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