Quick Bytes – 3/4/2018

Quick Bytes by George Rodriguez


If anyone doesn’t believe there’s a “War on Christianity”, just look at the reaction by anti-religious freaks against actor Chris Pratt. Anti-Christian/anti-Second Amendment people were offended because Pratt offered his prayers for a friend who had a heart attack, and then encouraged others to pray for him.

Pratt was so viciously attacked and criticized, that friends had to come to his defense. How sad that someone must defend themselves for offering to pray for someone else.

Unfortunately, we don’t have to look to Hollywood to see an example of anti-Christian prayer criticism.  In the wake of the Sutherland Springs shooting in November 2017, Josh Baugh, a reporter for the San Antonio Express, tweeted his criticize of prayer.  His comments were, “What good is praying?” “Did prayers do the victims any good, even though they were in a church?”

For the believers, prayer is the personal and sincere communication with God. They can gain spiritual

strength and security, and sometimes to resolve issues. Prayer can comfort the soul and help someone to deal with tragedy, anger, and confusion.

At worst, prayer is personal meditation, but at best it is a private conversation with a Higher Power. Prayers, though, are private conversations based on personal belief, and protected by the 1st Amendment.

However, leftists in the influential entertainment and media industries mock and undermine personal religion and the 1st Amendment. The media and Hollywood are like the new false prophets of the secular, amoral, and politically correct life style.

Critics of prayers and Christianity remind me of the biblical passage about “those who seek signs” in order to believe in God. Their position is simple: if you can’t see it, it’s not true, and if you preach it, you’re deceiving people and it’s up to them to stop the deception.

Chris Pratt and everyone else can pray and encourage others to pray, because the government (and mobs) cannot prohibit their free exercise of religion nor abridge their freedom of speech.

There’s an old saying in Spanish that says, “Even what they don’t eat, makes them sick”. That’s so true in describing the people who are offended by someone’s religious beliefs.


The San Antonio Establishment is unhinged that the San Antonio Firefighters’ Association is daring to challenge them to try to limit their power. (1) The SAFFA is circulating three petitions which:

1. Would require arbitration in lieu of litigation that costs the taxpayers when there’s an impasse in collective bargaining. The half million dollar city manager has chosen to sue the SAFFA and spend taxpayer money on costly attorneys, rather bargain with the Firefighters.

2. Limit the term of employment and salary of a city manager. Sheryl Sculley, the city manager gets paid almost $500,000 annually, has no contact or interaction with the public directly, and seems to intimidate the city council into doing what she wants.

3. Amends the city charter to facilitate voter use of referendums by allowing more time to get signatures, by requiring no more than 20,000 signatures of registered voters for a petition, and to expand the types of ordinances that are subject to a voter referendum.

These three petitions would greatly limit the power of the city government which has gotten huge, lacks transparency, and is largely unresponsive to the common citizen.

SA mayor Ron Nirenberg has commented on radio that these petitions would hurt San Antonio because they would prevent the city government from acting. Consider this…Given what the city has done with changing street names, the removal of confederate statues and names, the appointment of cronies to major city boards and committees, the funding of pro-abortion programs, the support of street cars and toll roads, and many other costly and  unnecessary projects…shouldn’t the citizens want to limit the city’s power?


The insanity continues in public schools. We have read the news of a girl who is transitioning to a boy with steroid treatments who won the Texas girls’ Class 6A 110-pound division for the second year in a row, and now we are seeing how bad and even criminal behavior in public schools is being overlooked in the name of equity for minorities…because they are over represented in the criminal system!

The PROMISE Program (Preventing Recidivism through Opportunities, Mentoring, Interventions, Supports & Education) is an Obama administration program that addresses socially unacceptable or illegal (criminal) behavior in public schools, by redefining rules and laws. The program is meant to send fewer minorities into the justice system, specifically to jail, by excusing and rewarding bad and/or criminal behavior. Of course since the program is to “help” minority students, it is a racist program by definition.

Liberals and Democrats are applauding the “success” of the PROMISE program with statistics that show a drop in students being expelled from schools and/or jailed. But the reality is that the students with bad behavior are not being disciplined because the threshold for bad and criminal behavior has been dropped, if not removed.

It is a well-known fact that a society that excuses and rewards bad behavior only gets more. Leftists are supportive of the PROMISE program because it redefines rules and laws, and allows government and public institutions pick winners and losers in the name of “social justice”. It plays into the Leftist/Saul Alinsky game plan.

Unfortunately, any politicians or community leaders who oppose the PROMISE program will be shouted down and shamed by Democrats, fearful Republicans, and the Mainstream Media as “racists”.

All people should be equal only under the law, but because of physical and mental differences, people will never be equal other facets of society. Bad behavior cannot be excused or rewarded for anyone, and government and public institutions cannot/must not be selective in implementing the law.

If monitory leaders want to lower the number of minority young people falling out of the education system and going into the justice system, they should change the culture at home and in schools. They should encourage and emphasize academics, Christian values and morality, and family unity, and they should speak out against the street thug behavior and teen promiscuity.

Rather creating a new government program, public officials and community leaders should preach two principles; for parents, “Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6), and for young people, “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31).


Someone please explain to me how this is “equality”? A male competed against females, and won!

This is what liberal activist judges have done in the name of “fairness”, “equality”, and even “justice”. The irony is how they provide ” social equity” to people in the market place over capable and qualified people while creating a clear unfair situation such this transgender male wrestler competing against females, but ignore it in the name of a social justice agenda.

There is no such thing as “social justice”, only justice, and when the judicial and legislative systems try to impose “equity”, the government then is picking winners and losers.

This is yet another reason and example why electing conservative local judges and legislators is so important.

The defense of freedom and liberty starts in your backyard, at the polls.

George Rodriguez is a syndicated writer, commentator, and webcaster; former President of the San Antonio Tea Party. George’s comments can be read on Facebook at El Conservador at his webpage at