Take the High Road


It’s been raining. There’s enough rain to make mud. Regrettably, there’s also a lot of mud-slinging. As founder and chairman of Pastors PAC, I’ve been actively engaged in vetting candidates in over a dozen elections since 2012.  Our mooring principle is Proverbs 29:2a.  “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice.” Our second anchoring principle is Exodus 18:21 which adds ability to character.  We seek to vet candidates and endorse those who have good character and demonstrated ability to fulfill the responsibilities of the office sought.

I can’t recall an election without some mud-slinging.  This current one is no exception.  Here are two examples from this week.

There are two conservative candidates for a state-wide office both of whom have and practice a biblical worldview.  The campaign of one candidate has sent a mailer with an unflattering picture of the opponent stating the opponent has several failed shady business ventures and the opponent can’t be trusted.

I know the opponent personally.  This person has some idiosyncrasies as do we all, but this person can certainly be trusted and IS TRUSTED as a leader in the church the person attends. Our PAC didn’t give our endorsement since the other candidate also has a biblical worldview and experience in the office.

Mud has been slung in that direction as well. Opponents refer to her as “someone who is not married but is the parent of a young child” while knowing full-well but not mentioning that the child is adopted.  The honorable thing would be to mention the adoption.  The unwritten maxim that comments about family are off-limits is also conveniently ignored.

I am of the opinion that it is an unwise use of resources (hours and dollars) to run against an incumbent unless there is well-known malfeasance of some sort with their performance in office.  Furthermore, it is uncharitable to try to displace a fellow Christian in office.  Run for a different office or wait until this one is open.  That would be taking the high road.

A second mailer features a county race in which one candidate just has to mention a public gaffe committed by his opponent in another election from four years ago.  Oh goody!  Here’s a handful of mud.  Splat!

When one candidate slings mud, two candidates get sullied.

If you’re a Christian running for office, keep your hands clean.  Take the high road.

Gerald Ripley is Pastor of Abundant Life Church in northeast San Antonio.