City’s Mouthpiece, SA Express News and Cronies Attack Firefighters

Quick Bytes by George Rodriguez

City’s Mouthpiece, SA Express News and Cronies Attack Firefighters


The Sunday (10-07-2018) edition of the liberal/leftist San Antonio Express-News has a front page article and an opinion editorial, both critical of the three proposed city charter amendments.

The front page article is a personal hit piece on SA Firefighters union leader Chris Steele claiming the campaign for city charter amendments is actually a power play for him.

The second is an editorial by former SA mayor and HUD secretary Henry Cisneros who says the city charter amendments will create political “chaos.”

However, the facts are these.

The City Hall Establishment, including their mouthpiece SA Express, want to make the campaign personal about Steele. They cannot or will not argue the issues, as even SA Mayor Ron Nirenberg has refused to debate anyone but Steele in public.

Cisneros is allied with his local big business cronies and Chamber of Commerce and leads the liberal Hispanic community. He wants to continue his political and economic influence at City Hall for himself and his friends.

Cisneros believes in “public-private partnerships” where taxpayers carry the investment risk for private interests in community development. However, taxpayers are always left holding bag with deeper debt, higher taxes, and often unnecessary projects like the Alamodome. Meanwhile, the investor becomes richer.

We must not let the liberal/leftist SA Express brainwash and frighten SA voters.

YES…citizens should have a greater say in City Hall politics.

YES…citizens should reduce the $500,000 salary of city manager Sheryl Sculley because she has failed to serve the ordinary taxpayer. She has failed by funding legal defense for illegal aliens, failing to address SA’s high crime rate, raising city fees, and many other issues.

YES…for the arbitration, because Sculley has been involved in a never ending fight with the firefighters’ union for several years. This fight is about Sculley’s ego, not collective bargaining, and it has cost the city millions of dollars because they have lost every lawsuit against the firefighters. It’s time to end it and Sculley’s reign.

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Democrats & RINOs Oppose the San Antonio City Charter Amendments


On Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018, representatives from several Bexar County/San Antonio Democrat organizations and former Texas House Speaker Joe Straus called for San Antonio voters to oppose and reject proposed city charter amendments in the November election. The City Hall Establishment comprised of progressive Democrats and crony Republican business owners want to maintain a tight control over city politics and economics and are fighting hard to prevent citizen-led input.

“This is about protecting our city’s future,” Nirenberg said. “This is not about Democrats or Republicans or independents or Libertarians or Rastafarians or vegetarians — this is about making sure that every citizen in San Antonio knows that we work together, the whole community, to protect our future.”

Grassroots conservatives and taxpayers should remember how Nirenberg and other city leaders have supported international climate change policies, agreed to move the Alamo Cenotaph, instituted taxpayer-funded legal assistance for illegal aliens, instructed the SA police not cooperate with ICE, created a city affordable housing program that will benefit developers more than people, created an unnecessary city Pre-K program, and changed street names without regard for the residents. They should also remember the high city water and energy fees and property taxes, and high crime under city manager Sheryl Sculley who is paid $500,000 annually.

It is sad the SA Express-News, the loudest media voice in  San Antonio supports the SA City Hall Establishment and provides such one-sided biased reports.

Dictators never like to be challenged and the city charter amendments are a direct challenge and threat to their political and economic power.

Wake up, San Antonio voters. The defense of local political and economic freedom is in your hands.

Vote “YES” for the city charter amendments. 

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Distracting Voters


San Antonio Express Bias – The SA Express, the mouthpiece of the SA City Hall Establishment, wrote an article about SA Firefighter Union Chief Chris Steele about a “secret” (private) meeting he attended to discuss his union’s goals. Imagine the nerve of any private organization or group holding “private meetings” to discuss their goals and affairs!

On the other hand, imagine elected officials of the City of San Antonio holding public policy meetings in private without citizen input? Imagine the SA Express now reporting or asking questions about those public policy meetings?

The SA City Hall Establishment is focusing on discrediting Steele to distract voters from the city manager’s $500,000 salary, the many ordinances and council actions that have been passed (forced) without voters’ input, and the waste of taxpayers’ money in frivolous lawsuits the city lost in a vendetta against Chris Steele and the Firefighters.

Wake Up, San Antonio. Vote YES on the city charter amendments.