November 6th Election: Just the Facts, Ma’am


What is going on in the 2018 midterm election?! The political pundits and daily blogsters are just about going insane. By any measure this midterm election does not fit into anyone’s familiar experience with voters during a non-presidential election. Let’s just keep this commentary to the point, stay with the facts and, with your indulgence, dear readers, allow this writer to take another shot at convincing you to support some important local initiatives when you vote tomorrow.

As of the end of early voting last Friday evening, 4,884,528 Texans voted during the two week early voting period in this 2018 midterm election. 380,379 voters in Bexar County punched their ballot early at polling stations around the city, double the numbers  in the 2014 midterm election. Fourteen polling sites saw more than 10,000 voters with Brookhollow Library at the top with 19,544 followed by John Igo Library at 17,752. This writer tried three times to vote at John Igo the first week but the lines  stayed pretty solid throughout the day the whole week with a packed parking lot.

NBC not usually positive when reporting good news for Republicans reported early that of eight closely watched states including Texas, more Republican voters (53%) outnumbered Democrats (43%). Only Nevada of the eight  saw more Democrats outvoting Republicans.

Voting data collected and published on October 25th by Ryan Data and Research showed that of the 15 largest counties in Texas, 34.6% of the early voters were long time Republican voters while Democrat stalwarts represented 30.9% of the early voters. Obviously there is tremendous energy and enthusiasm in both political parties in Texas.

It remains to be seen how huge election day voting will be in Bexar County. It’s predicted that voting will be very heavy at many sites which are  more numerous on election day. If election day voting is over the moon like early voting (approaching presidential elections), we could see another 100,000+ voting tomorrow.

If you have not voted yet and plan to (last chance), you can look up your precinct and election day polling location by clicking on the links below:

Voter Registration and Matching Election Day Polling Site

List of Election Day Polling Sites

What is motivating the high expectations of Democrat and Republican voters this year?

Hundreds of millions of dollars have poured into this 2018 midterm elections by Democratic Party partisans determined to seize back power they lost in 2016 after eight years of President Obama in the White House. The close alliance between the mainstream media and Democratic Party partisans spewing  a constant barrage of angry, negative rhetoric has  whipped up an angry mob atmosphere across the nation uniting behind demonizing and bringing down the Trump administration at all cost.

The frenzied, crazed Left spurred on by Democratic senators in the Senate Judiciary Committee staked out the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings as their decisive battlefront to buttress the shifting balance and slipping liberal ballast on the Supreme Court. Out of power in all three branches of government is a bitter pill for Democrat leaders and we’re seeing panic setting in.

For Republicans we’re seeing a brash, confident President upending major liberal domestic and foreign policy failures of the prior administrations that have left our nation with an anemic economic outlook, weakened and humiliating place in international relations, a demoralized and  disadvantaged military, a belligerent terrorist hegemon in Iran developing nuclear capabilities in the Middle East, a persistent and worsening trade imbalance with China destroying our manufacturing base and stealing our intellectual property, threatening their neighbors.

A recent Wall Street Journal article pointed out that Trump’s accomplishments during his first two years in office have exceeded voter expectations. You may not like his New York swagger or pugnacious nature but his administration’s accomplishments are real.

“The President elected two years ago to revive American prosperity is now presiding over an economic boom. The first two years of the Trump era have been so good that his predecessor has lately been barnstorming the country trying to persuade voters that we’re still living in the Obama era. It is the sincerest form of political flattery.”

The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC nationwide survey completed last week reports “the highest levels of satisfaction with the state of the U.S. economy and with respondents’ own personal finances since the Clinton administration”.

President Trump has been barnstorming closely watched states over the past few months (I count 23  since August 2nd) filling huge rallies around the nation with high spirited, red wave MAGA (Make America Great Again) enthusiasts. All his rallies where his speeches ran an average of an hour were sold out. His common theme: “Promises Kept”. See list of accomplishments.

Let’s look at the local charter amendments on the Bexar County ballot. I went into great detail in my recent commentary regarding the negative campaigning waged against the San Antonio charter amendments. Please read LULAC’s (League of United Latin American Citizens ) excellent resolutions arguing FOR the three amendments. To summarize:

 VOTE FOR Prop A Resolution

Direct democracy “mechanisms, such as initiative, referendum, and recall elections, are long accepted improvements to ‘representative democracy’ that enable citizens to redress grievances with their government, a right guaranteed by the First Amendment to the Constitution in the Bill of Right … public officials like to say the public can ‘vote out’ an elected official, however, that option is NOT an effective redress of grievance, since it cannot stop an offensive official action from being taken. Essentially, the only true ‘redress’ comes in the form of a referendum election and that is also NOT an option, when the number of signatures and limitation on time allowed is onerous…”

Vote FOR Prop B Resolution

Since “Sheryl Sculley was hired to be City Manager, the population of San Antonio increased 20%, general fund spending increased 60%, San Antonio debt increased 78%, and Ms. Sculley’s total compensation increased 135%. These facts lead us to believe, our Mayor and council are NOT “managing the manager”, and … because of this lack of direction, City Council has inappropriately increased City Manager salary based on bond debt ratings from Moody’s, S&P, and Fitch. We now know that these bond debt ratings can be “bought” and/or secured by simple mechanisms, such as establishing a “rainy day fund,” that, in fact, we the taxpayers finance. Prop B is an amendment that will guarantee fair compensation for our employee, the City Manager, and will also ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely …”

Vote FOR Prop C Resolution

The “City Manager, our employee, controls both the Fire Department and Legal Department, and the citizens of San Antonio expect that their employee, the City Manager, will use the extensive powers and resources provided by us, the taxpayers, to ensure that the Fire Department and its employees, (affiliated with the San Antonio Professional Firefighters Association (SAPFFA), can resolve contract issues in a manner that honors all, and … the City Manager, has instead, involved our Legal Department and hired expensive outside legal services (paying attorneys $ 900/hr.) to engage in adversarial actions, lawsuits, at great expense to the taxpayers (costing $ 2 million) …”

Tomorrow around this time the electorate will learn if the angry mob mentality of the Left that peaked in Washington during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings will prevail with the help of the Never Trump media or will the American people reprise their acclamation in 2016 to back an upstart outlier from New York, renewing their enthusiastic vote of confidence and mandate for him to keep clearing the swamp, while believing he means what he says when he says America will be great again and prosperous. We’ll soon find out the temper of the nation. May God bless our country.

the end