The Central Domestic Issue of Our Times


The very fact this nation has moved into a state of socialism is no longer even arguable.  That our government has been taken over by socialist bureaucrats demonstrates the forces working to cause it, that is, bring this state of affairs about, were stronger than those working against it.  This movement towards socialism did not happen overnight.  It has occurred over a long fortnight under the cover of deception clothed in the purposeful and crafted propaganda carried out by an establishment ruling class rooted in statism and social control.   It has been an insidious takeover of our nation without going to war or engaging in violent revolution.

America has been taken into the world socialist camp in a long march over time starting back in the fading years of the 19th century moving relentlessly forward, in fits and starts, to arrive where we are today.  While our enemies – and they are enemies – are detestable people, we must tip our hat to their persistence and perseverance and pray that we can begin to counter and combat their movement so we might survive as a free people.  We have arrived at this place in time and state of affairs – the product of unintelligent choice.  No right thinking American would ever purposely vote themselves into this sorry state of affairs.  Furthermore, no American possessing common sense would ever think the very ideologies (statism) opposed, fought and defeated by our ancestors would be allowed to rise up as an internal enemy seeking the subjugation of their progeny as has occurred to this point and, I might add, continues unabated.

The rise of socialism (statism) is the most amazing development and, quite frankly, the most dangerous thing to occur in the history of this nation.  This development stands in equality with the rise of international Fascism and Communism.  The worst part of this development has been the fact we have had strong, forceful and a sufficient number of vigorous voices warning us all along this march.  Despite these voices, the nation, given periods of fits and starts, speed bumps along the way, has continued to elect these destroyers in our midst to offices from the municipal socialists up to the national socialists.

This development – the rise of socialism in America – is the central domestic issue of our time and it is in the process of tearing our nation apart.  There is not one domestic or international issue today that is not rooted in the chauvinism of socialist ideology.   All we need do is look around, we are witnessing (a) widespread corruption in Washington, our state capitols, our cities; (b) the normalization of hate, violence, intimidation, and crime as a form of “retribution against the privileged;” (c) establishment of a two-tiered justice system where statists, particularly those in charge of these institutions and bureaus, are never prosecuted or held accountable for their corrupt and nefarious actions; and (d) the fact policy disputes are no longer debated – they are framed within a class warfare (Marxist) – identity politics (fascist) dichotomy where those who oppose the socialist solution are portrayed as haters and mean spirited.

People should know the central characteristic of socialism, no matter its variant, is its widespread corruption.  Just consider one example: Lois Lerner has never been prosecuted for her purposeful targeting of political opponents with the expressed purpose of suppressing the voices, fundraising ability and the votes of American citizens (Tea Party) during the tenure of the Obama regime.  Instead of prosecution, Lerner retired, her sins allowed to stand, unpunished, and she continues to live off the taxpayers of this nation despite her criminal actions.  One could fill a book documenting the corrupt actions of socialist bureaucrats and the failure of the State to prosecute them.

The simple fact is socialism has come to America retaining its political hegemony not because the American people want it, but because its adherents (establishmentarians) control the major institutions of this nation and the instrumentalities of government imposing and protecting it through the cover of “law.”

As Americans we face a very serious and stark reality, the nation is in the midst of a life or death struggle between liberty (constitutional governance and the rule of law) and tyranny (totalitarian governance and lawlessness).  We observe statists – professional politicians – feverishly seeking the final subjugation (take over) of the United States under their control.  They fight daily, and by every means at their disposal, to acquire, maintain, consolidate and extend their political power.  It is why there is such animosity toward President Donald J. Trump, an unapologetic capitalist, his liberty-based policies of cutting taxes and deregulation, his roll back of mercantilism (propagandized for years as “free trade”), his peace through strength foreign policy – seeking to turn his supporters against Trump with their concocted charges of collusion and obstruction of justice.

And seemingly, we just sit here, with few objections, as the entire apparatus of the State (government) is aimed at President Trump for the purpose of carrying out a coup against him, to stymie or roll back his policies and shame and confuse his supporters.  We sit as if this is somehow normal and all of it carried out at our (taxpayer) expense.  Consider:

it is their use of the instrumentalities of government against this President, his administration, and his supporters that most clearly demonstrate why the rise of socialism in America is the central domestic issue of our time and exposes the stark reality that our government and institutions are under the control of these miscreants.

Yet, most Americans simply want to go about living their lives – “living the dream.” This group, and it is a very large number, fail to understand the gravity of the moment – the struggle we are in – or simply dismiss our accusations as fanciful and partisan.  This group is instructed by a corrupt establishment ruling class and its own version of the Reich Ministry of Propaganda (the media) to ignore those of us who raise our voices against them.  In unison, the socialists routinely brand anyone who opposes them as racists, homophobes, misogynists, haters, right-wingers, ignoramuses, dividers, liars, usurpers, manipulators, collaborators, traitors, conservatives, predators, fundamentalists, fascists, reactionaries, backwards and worse.  The use of these pejoratives simply demonstrates the “media” are socialist bootlickers.  It is as if they have a Joseph Goebbels Style Book so they can quickly reference these terms to brand us.  And all of this is to create confusion and distrust – that is, divide the nation – diverting the nation and its resources away from the real problem stalking the nation – socialism and its radical adherents, the establishment ruling class.

This is how these miscreants characterize patriotic Americans, who believe in liberty, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, negative rights as defined in the constitution (limited government), economic liberty (free market capitalism), religious liberty, the rule of law, the family, the content of an individual’s character, and “Making America Great Again.”

From its providential founding through the war between the states and our victories in various World Wars, we emerged as the world’s most prosperous and powerful nation.  We achieved this exemplar status, not because we embraced statism (socialism) and forced it upon others but because we threw it off with a revolution; unshackled its chains, freeing millions with a civil war; and destroyed (opposing) it both at home and around the world in the 20th century.   The nation’s rise as the exemplar – the last best hope for mankind, that shining city on the hill – was not because we embraced or advocated for the imperialism of socialism or totalitarian statism; but because we rejected it and fought to free people from its reactionary, tyrannical systems of control.

But here we are in the early 21st century living in the shadow of thugs parading around as supposedly educated people, in three piece suits, sporting fancy haircuts and expensive shoes – all paid for by the taxpayer – calling themselves “progressives” or “liberals” or “democrats.”   They are none of the above, what they are, are political thugs who hold to a socialist vision of order seeking to impose it on America and, in the case of the United States, employing the system through the electoral process to do it.  Their vision of order is straight forward: they are corrupt, deceitful, discriminatory, authoritarian, arbitrary, coercive, and totalitarian.  O they coat their rhetoric in compassion and humanitarianism but is Fabianism in practice; what they truly seek is social control over the people, markets, institutions, capital, the culture, and society.  They seek to substitute socialism for capitalism; tyranny for liberty.  They want you to get along with them, compromise, so long as you agree to accept their vision of order and arguments.

The American people would not have chosen the current state of affairs if (a) they had been told the truth over time, (b) the establishment ruling class had continued adhering to the principles (constitutional governance) this nation were founded on or (c) the nation had experienced this level of Machiavellian politics sometime in its experience.

The fact we, as a nation, have never experienced a national coup is quite remarkable.  We have not and we owe that directly to our constitution and our liberty-based institutions.  Certainly the war between the States was a serious challenge and could be considered a revolution, but in the end the nation came together, reconciled and moved on along the path outlined by the Constitution.  And we must remember the War Between the states was fought to maintain the Union (constitutional government) and unshackle the chains of tyranny (slavery) – not to impose them.

To the average American, it was and is unthinkable – who would want to overthrow (fundamentally transform) the greatest nation and government known to mankind?  Who would dare overthrow America?  “But,” von Mises reminds us in The Rise of the Total State, “nations, like individuals, become wise only through experience, and only through experience of their own.”   Echoing von Mises, it is time we learned from the failed experience of the past century of “progressive” dominance over our political system and the institutions of this nation.  We have arrived at a place and time where we have a faction actively seeking – dedicated – to the overthrow of our constitutional republic, its liberty-based institutions and the establishment of social control over the people, markets, institutions, capital, the culture and the society.  This socialist faction is the swamp having turned Washington D. C. into their fiefdom of crime and corruption filling their pockets and those of their allies with taxpayers dollars while empowering themselves by empowering the State at every opportunity.

This socialist faction believes they should be the rightful rulers over America.  As the rightful rulers, they use their positions of power to openly challenge and seek the fundamental transformation of the United States into, what the great Mark Levin calls, Ameritopia, a post-constitutional, post-Judeo-Christian, post-industrial society with them in charge.  In their minds, they should have already achieved this objective, with the election of Obama and Clinton, and should have already imposed their vision of order across the land.  Unfortunately, a single man with a great vision of order – America First – arose and created an anti-socialist faction to defeat them electorally.

The American people would be in a completely different state of affairs had they not been systematically deceived overtime by the establishment ruling class of this nation.  The ruling class has betrayed this nation, beginning as a nascent movement of Fabian socialists in the late 19th century that quit on America as founded and, overtime, began a systematic overthrow of America via the electoral process.  They began to pass “laws” to implement socialism and seize the instrumentalities of government, which they have almost achieved.  They abandoned American republicanism and the Judeo-Christian consensus and, instead, turned both into enemies and worked incessantly to impose a systematic overthrow of the capitalist system, replacing it with social control over labor and capital.

They were and are traitors to our fathers and mothers and to the heritage of this nation.  They joined in solidarity with the internationalists (fascists and communists) movement and, while rejecting open and violent revolution, they, nonetheless, adopted the strategies of Fabianism to insinuate themselves into power.   They used the electoral process to seize the levers of power both in government and in institutions across this nation, from the municipal socialist to the national socialist.  The American socialist used legislative mechanisms to enact laws, which, in turn, sanctioned their use of the instrumentalities of the State to gradually impose the chains of social control (regulations) on the people, institutions, markets, capital, the culture, and society.   Instead of throwing off the chains placed on the market by so-called anti-trust legislation and other mechanisms, the American socialist (“progressives”) embraced the arguments of state interventionism coming out of the “anti-trust” movement and applied them to individual liberty.

The progressives of the late 19th century knocked on the door introducing socialism into America and the progressives of the 20th and 21st centuries are merely their disciples.  These latter day disciples have kicked in the door and seized power over as much as they possibly could.  Their primary goal has been to take control – monopoly control – over the State and its apparatus of power.  Their primary objective above all others is to acquire, consolidate, maintain and extend their political power over government at all levels and institutions across the nation.

Those who believe in the benevolence of these socialists and their’ policies, need only look across the Gulf of Mexico at Venezuela, Cuba or Mexico to understand the future they wish to transport you and your children to.  Readers who accept their false gospel need only look at how the corrupt Obama regime employed the instrumentalities of the United States government using the IRS, the Department of Justice, and the “intelligence agencies” to spy on American citizens to understand the lengths to which these people will go in their desire for social control.

Instead of the ruling class exposing these people and refusing to follow their “recommendations,” they bought into their schemes of power.  The ruling class joined forces with the socialists in a drive to establish their political hegemony over the system using the apparatus of the State to secure and enhance their power.  The American ruling class during this period of progressive dominance has employed corruption on a grand scale to buy votes – this corruption comes in many forms and it is all tied right back to socialist policies and the State (government).  The great deception is that this faction, e. g., socialists, RINOs and other “progressives,” promise much more to people, groups and regions than they can deliver.  Over their history in power, they have delivered for one group, themselves, at the expense of the American people and our institutions.  Yet they have managed to perpetuate this deception (demagoguery) long enough to continue their election and re-election.  When our “leaders” should have been throwing off the chains of the State, as prescribed by the constitution, they instead extended the links (enhanced the power of the State at every opportunity).

Now we must deal with the consequences of this malevolence by the American ruling class or succumb to it by joining with the totalitarians.  At one time Americans viewed history as a free nation and free people where individual liberty, economic liberty, religious liberty and the rule of law dominated life; but we have arrived at this place and point in time where liberty has been crushed by the fascists’ concept of “collective responsibility” while the rule of law has been replaced by arbitrary lawlessness.  So as we stand here surveying the times in which we live we must seek out the reality of our times.   A first step in that direction is to listen to our President.  For the past three years, he has been exhorting his supporters (his political movement) to stand up to these people – these socialists, these swamp dwellers – and take our nation and our government back.  Every time he speaks, he says he is “… working to return power…” to the people.  But we sometimes fail to connect the dots, the other side of this equation requires that we embrace Trump’s exhortation, take responsibility for our actions, and spurn the corrupt, criminal socialists populating and perverting our nation and government.

President Donald J. Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” strikes at the very heart of the socialist world view.  Embodied in this slogan is the truth exposing socialism’s (a) abject policy failures, (b) desire to unmake America, (c) aspiration to fundamentally transform it into a socialist nation, (d) normalization of government corruption and criminality, and (e) quicken the socialist oppression stalking the nation.

The political movement President Trump has brought about stands in direct opposition to the socialist faction seeking to achieve their objectives.  The question we as a people must ask ourselves is whether our movement will be just another speed bump, fit and start, along the trend line leading inexorably to a socialist poverty or will we stand and build a permanent movement to retake this nation from these scoundrels.

To paraphrase Joshua, ‘As for me and my house, I will stand with the Lord and for Liberty!’

Mr. Joseph Leatherwood is a precinct chairman with the Republican Party of Bexar County Executive Committee.