The ALAMO TORCH is a news, analysis, and commentary service developed by faith-based organizations and conservative leaders in the San Antonio community. We believe a well-informed citizenry will influence positive changes in the secular, political, and religious culture of our city to foster a just society, advance the common good and the founding principles of our constitutional republic which protects our rights as a free people.

Explanation of the Seven Mountains of Influence:

Several decades ago, three Godly men were given a vision of society. The battlefields where our cultural traditions are being challenged and engaged are, figuratively speaking, the seven mountains of society – Business, Government, News Media, Arts and Entertainment, Education, the Family, and Religion.

Our role is to help motivate and influence leaders to scale these mountains and transform the culture, connecting together like-minded men and women sharing a common vision seeking to preserve and defend our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Main source: http://www.7culturalmountains.org/