Articles by Linda Curtis

The Missing $120 million Tip of the Vista Ridge Iceberg

Have you seen the vanishing $120 million for Vista Ridge pipeline in this 1-minute video? Please watch it go up in smoke, then share it and don’t forget to ask – that is to call 210.207.7040 to speak to Mayor Ron Nirenberg and your San Antonio City Council member before they vote on Thursday, December 7th, to raise your water rates to pay for Vista Ridge. Urge them to: Oppose water rate hikes for Vista Ridge, Call for a thorough independent financial audit of Vista Ridge, and Demand that the Mayor and City Council find a way out of Vista Ridge….

Letter to Mayor Nirenberg and San Antonio City Council Members – Vista Ridge Water Pipeline

Mayor Ron Nirenberg and San Antonio City Council Members San Antonio, Texas Re:  Vista Ridge Dear Mayor Nirenberg and City Council Members, I am reaching out to you on behalf of residents and landowners in the communities that the San Antonio Water System settled on to provide the source water for San Antonio. I will be following this message with a call to you. We have a number of concerns regarding this project, including the still unexplained reason as to why SAWS chose Vista Ridge when there are less costly sources of water supply identified in the State Water Plan located…

Do Mayor Nirenberg and the City Council Know What’s Going on with SAWS and the 3 Billion+ Dollar Vista Ridge Project?

Last week I reported to you that SAWS has a little $120 million problem of an apparently misappropriated loan for the Vista Ridge “San Antone Hose”. This is the tip of the iceberg on the $3+ billion Vista Ridge boondoggle and all kinds of wrong being done to Texas. An independent legal and financial review of Vista Ridge by the San Antonio City Council is warranted to restore the public’s confidence —and to guard your wallets. That is your calling card today to the Mayor and your council member before SAWS comes to them for a water rate hike on…

What Straus’ Exit Means to Ordinary Texans – Tear down that wall – Vista Ridge!

It deserves to be said that the “business lobby” brought it on themselves. Speaker Joe Straus put the fox (Rep. Lyle Larson) in charge of the henhouse (the House Natural Resources Committee). Larson tried yet another handout to Vista Ridge in the two recent sessions. The only thing that stopped him was a veto from Gov. Greg Abbott himself. There is little-to-nothing upon which progressives and conservatives can unite. But getting hosed by the Vista Ridge Hose remains one of them. For Vista Ridge is one big bad $3 billion boondoggle ready to be torn down like a Berlin Wall….

Call Off the Vista Ridge Hounds

Call off the Vista Ridge Hounds by Linda Curtis Representative Lyle Larson (R-San Antonio) could use his authority as the new chair of the Texas House Natural Resources Committee to support House Bill 3996, sponsored by Rep. John Cyrier (R-Lockhart). The bill calls for a one-time, limited sunset review of San Antonio Water System. According to the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission, sunset reviews focus not only on whether an agency should be abolished, but also on identifying areas of weakness in an agency’s operations and recommending specific solutions for improvement through changes in law and management directives to its leadership….